Get Help to Treat Alcohol Abuse or Addiction in Your Adolescent

Dr. Purushothaman
November 29, 2013

treatment of alcohol abuse

Dealing with alcoholism and drug abuse is difficult. Imagine how difficult it would be if your teenager has to deal with it on his/her own. If you find any hint of such a problem in your young adult, it is time to take immediate action. What are the tell-tale signs? Look out for acrid breath, red puffy eyes, change in attitude, and such others.

Many families think it impossible that their child could ever have such an addiction. Many others think that just love and support from friends and family would be able to take care of the problem. However, both these are misconceptions. Anyone can fall prey to this addiction and abuse, and he/she needs proper treatment for getting rid of it.

Where do you go for help? Alcohol and drug abuse treatments are available on in-patient as well as out-patient basis in Orange County. You can ask your family physician to recommend one. You can look up a facility that offers these treatments from local listings or you can use online resources to find one.

Which option to choose – in-patient or out-patient? This is another thing to decide. If your adolescent has a minor drinking problem for a few months, you can choose an out-patient facility. However, if it is a serious problem and your son/daughter is incapable of giving up on the addiction, it is wise to choose a good rehabilitation center.

Leaving their child at a rehab must be quite a nightmare for any parents. This is why you need to choose a center that offers complete adolescent alcohol treatment Orange County you can depend on. How do you make sure that you are choosing the right facility for your ward? Here are a few points to consider.

Is the facility run by qualified, certified and experienced medical professionals? Only if it is, you can be sure of the quality of the treatment your child gets.

Can you find success stories? Check these to know whether the facility was capable of curing others of the same problem your child is facing.

Is the facility clean and hygienic? If the facility fails to take care of such basic things, you had better find another one.

Is the staff at the facility friendly? Whether it is the doctors or the general staff, friendly faces make it easier for your teenager to cope with staying away from home.

Is there a peer group? Support groups always play an important part in getting rid of alcohol abuse and addiction. If there are others with the same problems and trying to find the same solutions, your child may feel motivated enough to join in the endeavor.

Alcohol, drugs, illegal substances can ruin an individual's life. It can cause serious problems like depression, suicidal tendency, and such others. Coping on his/her own may not be possible for an adolescent. He/she needs help. And it is always best for him/her to seek it as soon as possible to avoid the negative impact of alcoholism.

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