From The Ground Up: Building An IT Career

Dr. Purushothaman
December 2, 2013


As IT professionals continue to work in a very competitive industry it's important to begin with a solid base to build one's career upon. But it's even more essential to prolong the life of one's IT career. To accomplish this, there are a few tips, or shall we say 'nuts and bolts,' that are perfect to utilize in tightening and keeping your established IT status in tip-top career-driven shape.

Blueprint Your Career and Research:

Work well, but plan ahead. You have to lay out a blueprint as to where you currently are in your IT career, but also, make a layout for future plans, sites or paths. In terms of where you'd like to be - depending on personal IT career goals - research various trends in your field and best acclimate yourself into those spots.

And although trends are quite rampant in the IT work field, don't get too caught up in them, as most are not long-lasting or credible, nor in line with keeping to blueprint plans. Many IT career pursuits and training programs are available and are quite advantageous, but be selective in your chase.

Make sure that you take relevant training courses and receive certifications that are worthwhile to you and your pursuits, especially keeping them paralleled with your career goals. Think long-term accomplishments, rather than 'make your money and run' shortcuts. Goals are weighted more than trends, always, as they deliver promised success. Keep this in mind.

Keep Level-Headed and Disciplined:

Again, keep away from quick fixes in the IT workplace. Making money fast is great, as we all know, but this approach doesn't guarantee a solid IT career path. Say you gain certification in the newest and hottest IT offering with prior knowledge of a promising salary, yet you lack knowing that that particular IT job will die out in a matter of months. What then? Well, you've collected quite a bit of money in that time, but you then need to start fresh, since you selected a fad IT opportunity to fortune off of.

When working as an IT professional you must keep one thing in mind with certification, longevity. Select a particular area of IT interest and go with it, making certain your desired certification is not a short-term craze, but one with heightened potential allowing room for growth within your IT career.

Also, understand that IT certification and training is not the same as an IT career. Certification and training are completely separate, they're more so used as a means to lay down your IT career foundation. From this point, after certification, you can build upward through skill sets and gained knowledge. The intricacies of molding your true career begins once experience and aptitude are attained. Practical experience especially, along with polished job performance displays your capabilities as an IT professional and is enough validation for any company.

O.K. Computer, What Else You Got?

Away from computer apprehension, the IT world also seeks a little bit more. Behind all those technicalities and computer savvy IT professionals, employers and companies are looking for well-rounded individuals, ones with more than technical computer skills.

As an IT professional, you should be able to communicate well, both through computers, but more importantly among co-workers and management. Have an organizational touch about you with leadership qualities that get noticed and talked about. Be able to speak your mind visually or through text, as having presentation and excellent written skills are excellent attributes to have.

All these non-required, yet beneficial qualities are what IT professionals must now have on top of refined technical or computer skill, at least if he or she are looking to have a secured career in the IT workforce.

Lay down a concrete foundation to sturdy your IT stance in the professional arena to build from the bottom up and reach new heights. Take the above 'nuts and bolts' tips to assure your IT career's maintenance and longevity.

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