Four Affecting Factors of Adolescent Self Esteem

Dr. Purushothaman
November 29, 2013

how to improve self esteem

Self esteem is important factor for everyone, especially for an adolescent, in their social life and personal life. Here you will know the four affecting factors of self esteem and how to improve self esteem by deal with those affecting things. As In their adolescent period, they grow the base of self- esteem for full life. We may be known that there are many factors that affect adolescent self esteem. Children begin to develop self esteem while very young. Parents, friends, teachers and the television all the surroundings of the children contribute a lot, without knowing, in their mental development.

Self Physical Image factor- is one of the major factors that affect an adolescent's self esteem. I am saying, it doesn't depend on how he or she looks like it depends on what is the concept of beauty he or she has or way one thinks about his or her body image is. Children from very childhood and onwards may feel the society prefer good looking people or value them more than others. For instance, kids at the same age prefer to associate with better looking kids rather than those with deformities or physical problems. And we know about school Teasing and bullying on those time can be huge harmful for adolescent self esteem.

Family Support - family support and encouragement can actively shape adolescent self esteem. Sometime, It may looks like adolescents are embarrassed by displays of affection from their family members and relatives but these display in reality play a vital role in keeping them well grounded and positive in themselves. Lot of communication from family members, parents and brothers or sisters, can help to provide a good base for expressions of emotional feelings like happiness, sorrow, grief and anger. Giving children the necessary love and caring that they need and it will prevent boost his or her self esteem in their adolescent time. .

Include yourself in Activities that you are good at or like to do-Taking part or having an active role outside of lessons is good for building adolescent self esteem. Maybe you like to dance, play football, whatever you like you should include yourself. This will encourage them to relate and come together with other adolescents. This also gives kids a chance to stand out in something, which can be very good for adolescent self esteem. Find something that interests you and try it out to see if you can excel in it and we should remember not to be easily discouraged by initial failures.

Get An Idea Of Who You Are-it may be a hard job for adolescents as they are just figuring out how to deal with adolescence things. But we can get an idea of our goal in life and start from there. In adolescent time, you may have definite likes and dislikes as well as some clear idea of what you want to be or what interests you most. Having a clear goal in life is great benefit for not only for adolescent but also for anybodies self esteem . By the way, it maybe some radical idea for Adolescents to meditate to know themselves well ,but this will definitely calm down their dysfunctional emotions or Will able to handle emotional stress well And will be figure it out who really they are.

Maybe, some adolescent having problem with their self esteem but we should remember one thing in mind change is possible whatever our present situation is. I wish you good luck in this journey of having better self esteem for better life.

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