Follow These Guidelines for treating Lupus Effectively

Dr. Purushothaman
February 18, 2018

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to attack its own healthy parts. The sad part is that the cause of the disease is uncertain and the research has been going on for years, sadly without any progress. However, the good part that there are some helpful treatment methods and that helps in bringing some relief to the patient. Along with medicines and treatments, the crucial part is the healthy lifestyle and food habits that play an important role in controlling or treatment of the disease. One has to follow all the healthy eating tips that the doctors suggest for cure and bringing a change in the patient’s health. 

Causes of Lupus

The causes of lupus are still a mystery. Health experts have tried their best to find out the reasons for being affected by this disease. But even to this day, the reason is unknown. Some of the factors that can be the cause of lupus can be:

Genetics- Most of the health experts stress on the fact that lupus could be affected if anyone in the family had autoimmune diseases.

Hormones/Gender- Usually, Lupus affects women more than men. It has to be noted that the symptoms of the disease increase and worsens when a woman with Lupus becomes pregnant. The hormones in women do play a major role in triggering the disease.

Environment-This could also be a major factor that could start Lupus with a person. The rays of the sun, intake of certain medicines, viral infection, trauma and even emotional stress could lead to Lupus.

How can one prevent Lupus from worsening?

As we know, lupus is an autoimmune disease and the person cannot really control it from affecting their body. What is completely in our hands, is to ensure that follow the Health tip for effective treatment and fast relief. These few tips can help majorly in controlling the pain and help reduce the impacts of the disease on the body. A few of the helpful tips are as follows:

The rest is mandatory
Our body needs adequate sleep and rest to cure from within. In the case of lupus, it becomes crucial to get a good 8-hour sleep. The body gets enough time to relax and that helps in curing the lupus in a better way. One must try to rest in few intervals so that the body does not feel overburdened. A weak body will therefore lead to a worse condition.

Quit smoking and drinking
There is no doubt that smoking and consumption of alcohol can cause damage to the body, when a person suffers from lupus, smoking and alcohol are dangerous for the body. The patient must completely quit smoking and drinking for a healthy body.

Do not roam in the sun
The direct sunlight can cause great harm to a lupus-affected body. Try to stay from the sun and do not spend being under the sun. Try to wear full sleeve and thick clothing and apply sunscreen to keep your face away from direct sunlight. It may seem that soaking up the sun cannot cause much harm. In the case of lupus, it really can.

Follow a strictly healthy diet
We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to maintain a healthy diet. We are what we eat and in the case of lupus, it is crucial to avoid fried and junk food as that can worsen the condition. It is highly recommended that one follows a strict diet that the doctor or a nutritionist suggests. A good diet over the months will bring positive results and help treat lupus.

Do not skip visits to the doctor
It is important to check things regularly with the doctor. The diagnosis helps in prescribing the best medicines and other treatment modes. Do not skip your checkups, as they can be fatal for the patient.

Please follow the above mentioned healthy lifestyle tips, as they will truly help you get over Lupus and have a healthy and fit body once again!

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