Five Steps to Peace of Mind

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


You can help yourself. You can bring about magnificent changes by taking
five really simple steps.
Wouldn’t you like to remain calm and serene no matter what was going on in your world? It is possible to enjoy peace of mind, to live in the â€Å"I’ of life’s storm.
Five Steps to Peace of Mind
Change your thinking and you change your life.
1. Stop worrying
Worry is a waste of the magical power of thinking.
Are you one of the millions who constantly subject your mind to unnecessary wear and tear by the constant whirling of worry thoughts?
Worry is like a drill boring a hole, round and round it goes boring deep into the subconscious mind it ads nothing of value.
The subconscious mind cannot create a hole in your external life.
The Screw Theory
Visualize a drill boring into a piece of wood. If you drill half way, the board
will still hold. If you drill all the way through the board will hold nothing.
Think of the board as your mind, if you continue drilling with the vicious
cycle of worry, worry, and more worry you reach a point where the mind
cannot hold a positive thought.
You must learn to stop all worry thoughts at the door of your mind.
Stop them before they drill holes into your subconscious mind. Start sending your subconscious mind thoughts it can build on.
Many worriers lack faith which leads to constant fear and worry.
2. Start Meditating
Find time for quiet time, meditation, reading. Enjoy a time of quiet without the jangle of the constant voice chatter in your head.
Peace of mind is a state of inner calm and tranquility. Also, it is a sense of
freedom. A place where thoughts and worries go away.
A place where there is no:
. Stress
. Strain
. Fear
This state of mind can happen to you. Maybe it already has and you didn’t
recognize it. You’re striving to learn how to find a quiet time and a way to
go to a place that is planned and yours on demand.
3. March to your own Drum
Henry David Thoreau
â€Å"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a
different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears; however measured or far
The drummer is the small voice within calling us. When we pay no attention, our external experiences take the form of:
• Unrest
• Dis ease
• Resentments
• Worry
• Fear
A burning desire may be the drummer within, the small voice saying. â€Å"Hear
4. Take a Personal Inventory
Are you willing to pay the price for a richer fuller life?
Make a list of things you’re willing to do to bring about change.
Are you willing to:
A. Spend time?
B. Spend energy?
C. Exercise self disciple?
D. Plan time for meditation and discovery of your inner self.
Are you willing to pay the asking price for this lot you’ve picked out?
If you are, then make a commitment. In real estate it’s called making an
offer. You offer earnest money and a written offer.
In real life the offer you make is to you. Make a commitment and go for it.
5. Keep a Constant vigil on you thoughts
Whatever happens in your life, you are responsible. Your thinking controls
your life. If you harbor fears and negativity then you life will manifest
corresponding negativity.
If you maintain thoughts of joy and positivity, your life will manifest positive things. This is not a theory; it is truth. Until you stop blaming others for your life, you will never be able to produce the sort of Blueprint for Living you want.
Thoughts are things. You can live a life full of joy, peace of mind and
abundance or one of sadness, worries and lack. The choice is yours. Choose your thoughts wisely.

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