Five Steps for Achieving Affluence

Dr. Purushothaman
September 6, 2013

Affluence includes money but it is also broader than just money. Affluence is a flow of good things into your life. Here are five steps to help you achieve affluence in your life.

Step 1: Make People Happy

When I say making people happy I am not talking about living your life for others. This would not make you happy because you would not be developing your own purpose. What I mean by making people happy has two parts. Firstly, you should provide a product or service that makes the users of that product or service happy, and secondly, that you act in a friendly manner toward others.

Providing the product or service could be achieved either in your own business or through the work you choose to do as an employee. However, if you want to acquire wealth you are far more likely to do that via your own business than as an employee.

Acting in a friendly manner toward others will result in people acting in a friendly manner to you. You will be experience affluence of good feelings.

Step 2: Solve Problems That People Want to be Solved

Most people have problems that they don't know how to solve. These problems could be physical or emotional. If you can provide solutions for those problems then you have one of the ingredients for affluence.

When computers started to be used by small businesses and people in their homes, they were difficult to use. Microsoft solved this problem by introducing Windows as a user friendly interface. Microsoft did not invent windows, they bought it from Xerox. However, Microsoft was the one who provided that software as a solution and so it was the company that reaped the profits.

Step 3: Market Your Happiness Spreading and Problem Solving

Making people happy and solving their problems may make you popular with those people and provide you with the "good feelings" side of affluence but it won't provide riches unless you market it.

The inventors of useful products don't always become rich from those products. In order to turn the inventions into riches you have to market the product to the masses. It is the same with your happiness spreading and problem solving. Unless you become skilled at marketing what you are doing then very few people will be aware that you are doing it.

Marketing is the activity that takes your products and services from the tiny market of local word of mouth and spreads the message to a much greater market, potentially the whole world.

Step 4: Leverage Your Happiness Spreading and Problem Solving

Microsoft solved the problem of hard to use PC's by marketing Windows and they leveraged off Windows by providing a range of other software packages that operated under that environment. Now almost everyone who buys Windows also buys Word, Excel, Outlook and many of the other Microsoft products.

For your happiness spreading and problems solving to provide you with maximum affluence then you have to ask how you can leverage them to greater profits.

Step 5: Open Your Heart to Receiving the Rewards

If you don't accept the concept of receiving rewards in return for the happiness and problem solving that you are giving, then no rewards will come. You may earn money but your expenses will match or exceed your earnings.

You have to let your subconscious mind know that receiving rewards is a good thing. If someone offers to do something for you then accept the offer. If an opportunity comes your way then take the opportunity. If someone gives you good advice then take the advice. If you obtain useful knowledge then apply the knowledge.


Affluence will come into your life when you spread happiness into the lives of many other people, when you solve problems for many other people and when you market those products and services in a commercial way and leverage them as effectively as you can. As long as you do this and keep yourself open to receiving the rewards then the rewards will come.

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