Five Reasons to Stay Inspired

Dr. Purushothaman
December 17, 2013


A person that's enthused, determined, and prepared to embrace life's trials is a person we all strive to be. If you're like me and endeavor to be like that person then your first step is to always stay inspired. Once you choose to be an inspired individual you will see that you'll become captivated by the lifestyle and any other way of living will seem dull and unworthy of your time. Taking the first step towards an inspired life is the most difficult part of the process, but after you take it you will never look back. Life is too short to go through it uninspired... an inspired individual is someone who never backs away from a challenge...he/she is a person who wakes up everyday more inspired than the next... inspiration will lead you anywhere you want to go just take that first step towards inspiration and i guarantee inspiration will do the rest of the work. Here are five additional reasons that you should always stay inspired.

1. Inspiration breeds more inspiration - As stated above; it's the first step that seems to be the most difficult. After you get a taste of the inspired life you'll never want to turn back. don't believe me? wake up tomorrow morning inspired and watch your life change.

2. The uninspired seldom change the world -I'll give you some names of people who have changed the path of history and I'll let you determine if they were inspired or if they were unenthusiastic and cared little about what they did. Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr, Steve Jobs, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mother Theresa.

3. Inspiration leads to hard work...hard work leads to success - success will be much more difficult to attain if you care little about what you want to be successful in

4. Nothing great was ever created without inspiration-Mark Zuckerberg was inspired by the potential of a massive social network. Four English musicians were inspired to create great music thereby creating The Beatles. Socrates was inspired by his own curiosity and ended up creating Western Philosophy as we know it today

5. "Inspiration and and the same" - Victor Hugo - could not have said it any better myself. You don't have to have a IQ of 150 to be considered a fact many who we consider geniuses today were nothing more than extremely inspired individuals.

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