Financial Analyst CFA Careers

Dr. Purushothaman
December 2, 2013

Looking for the best CFA Careers around? Well, you are in luck as here, I am going to talk about one of the most popular CFA Careers that all graduates strive for which is becoming a financial analyst in an Investment Bank.

CFA Careers - Career Number 1 # Financial Analysts at Investment Banks

It is not doubt that being a financial analyst of a large organization or investment company is a popular CFA Careers choice. For CFAs, becoming financial analysts of reputable banks is considered one of the best CFA careers, if not the best. With starting salary ranging from USD60, 000 to USD90,000 annually, it not wonder many CFAs chose this profession. And this amount is excluding any of the bonuses they might get, which can be up to 50% of their salary! In addition there are other various benefits (depending on the company, of course) such as cell phone allowances, transport allowance and the chance to deluge in expensive fine dining!

CFA Careers - It is Not about Glamorous Life

However, with all these benefits, there is certainly much work you need to do. So do understand what you are getting into should you join an investment company as a financial analyst. For instance, the working hours will be long. Also, you have to face the fact that there is a limited amount of mergers, leveraged buyouts and IPOs will happen in a year, so there are not many vacancies for this job. Also, be warned as not many succeed in this job for long term. So be careful, although this is no doubt a great CFA careers opportunity as you are making a lot of income, you will have a hard time spending them due to your long hours of working!

CFA Careers - The Good News

Although the benefits are many, a lot of people still left the investment banking industry only after a couple of years. This is due to the intense stress related to the job. The good news is that should you leave an investment bank, there are many CFA careers opportunities that you pursue easy. With the experience gained, you will be able to find a fantastic job offer in no time. The experience and knowledge gained should be your main reason in landing a financial analyst job.

CFA Careers - There will always be Doors Open to You

However, having said that, the applications for financial analyst position will always be overloaded. Despite the job insecurity and high degree of competition, the resume box for analyst will always be filled. Investment banks are always on the search to look for employees who have great business insights, disciplined and full of determination. It is as though they are looking for athletes. Team work, commitment and dedication are important as well if you want to achieve success in the corporate finance world.

With your CFA under your belt, you definitely have the right education in important topics such as finance, accounting, economics, portfolio man agent and even some business administration to get the financial analysts position. Bear in mind that you still need to excel in the interview to land the job. If you have some previous working experience or internships in jobs related to finance, you have a much higher chances of getting the job. Wising you success in your CFA Careers path!

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