Some Facts About A Differential Aptitude Test

Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2013

Aptitude tests are used to assess the capability of a person to perform different tasks in real life circumstances. These tests comprise multiple choice questions on numerical reasoning and mechanical reasoning to be answered within a stipulated time. The result of such a test is used to judge a person's logical reasoning and thinking performance. A differential aptitude test is a kind of aptitude test that measures a person's ability to learn and succeed in certain areas.

A differential aptitude test is administered by different sources. Sometimes, teachers use these tests to measure the performance of their students. The knowledge of students in specific areas are assessed using the format of such a test. Also, many organisations today are using job aptitude tests and differential aptitude tests to identify the most capable candidates for filling up vacant positions.

There are different sections in a differential aptitude test. You would find questions on verbal and numerical reasoning when taking a differential aptitude test. Your skills in verbal and numerical reasoning are assessed as well as your understanding of ideas expressed in words or numbers.

Sometimes, there are no words or numbers to show the way. You would need to understand abstract ideas to solve problems based on abstract reasoning.

In real life offices, laboratories, stores and warehouses, there are time limits to complete any task or project. A person would need to be accurate and that too within a specific time. Given this fact, a differential aptitude test would asses your skills in working with speed without giving up on accuracy.

Some of the questions in a differential aptitude test would assess your ability to visualize three dimensional objects from looking at them in two dimension. Last but definitely not the least, one would also find questions on spellings and language usage.

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