Facing Challenges Like an Army Duffle Bag

Dr. Purushothaman
October 9, 2013

In life, there are many challenges and circumstances that we need to face. And by these, there is a need for us to be strong and ready because no one knows what will happen tomorrow. As they say, expect the unexpected happenings and be ready in facing the consequences.
One month ago, one place experienced a tragic event which caused many damages not just on properties but also in the lives of the residents of that place and even killed thousand of people. They said that was the first time, first worst happened in the place and the people were not prepared of what happened because flashflood is not common in that place. They said it was the aftermath of human acts that slowly destroying our mother earth. But despite of what happened the people stand like an army duffle bag, which is very strong and firm. Many people from other places and countries helped the victims bringing their bags with full of relief goods, medicines and other things that are needed in helping the victims, just like an army duffle bag with complete paraphernalia that are needed in facing a battle. Many people helped the victims through donations, offering medical services and providing first aid medicines, also many volunteered providing the victims with shelter and foods. Some volunteered do activities that can alleviate the trauma that the victims felt, like stress debriefing and assisting them in their needs physically and emotionally.
The majority of people didn't lose hope but instead their faith strengthened and accepted what had happened. Like an army duffle bag that whatever happens it goes with the holder, the victims didn't leave their families, friends and neighbor during the tragic event together they face and overcome it. And now that they have seen that there were alot of people willing to help them they face their everyday life with readiness to move on and start a new beginning. And through all these helps they still realize how beautiful and wonderful to live in this world despite what happened.
We must Think all of the things we are capable of: giving and nurturing life, helping those needy, being someone's rock and shelter. That someone in this world needs us and loves us, helping us through thick and thin. We are strong enough to handle challenges and open for changes that will happen to us. We just remember that we are like army duffel bag, equipped with the things that we need in facing all the battles in life.
We must remember this quote, "Night's darkness is the bag that bursts with the gold of the dawn." -Rabindranath Tagore. This quotes helps us realize that in every darkness there is a hand pulling us into the light and with all our efforts and willingness to move forward in our life we gain something gold that makes us wealthy not basically on money but wealthy in all aspect of our life especially our spiritual aspect. Let us together stand tall like and be ready in every challenge we faced in life.
About the Author

I am a dedicated licensed nurse in a hospital of my country. I love to travel to different beautiful places with my personalized rolling duffel bag to discover new things and reflect to those places.

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