Experiencing Our Reality

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Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

The word ‘Reality’ means to be real or in the real state.

Something which exists is what is meant by the word reality. Anything which is not real is imaginary or fiction. Reality represents truth or the actual.
Reality is a word which ‘often’ bites most of us. Why does reality ‘bite’? Majority of people love to be in an imaginary world, filled with fantasies and things which are only of our concern. Maybe we dream of having something which in reality is impossible. We can imagine or dream to become a multi millionaire one day but looking back to the real world, we find ourselves in a stage we were before. Yes, you can become a multi-millionaire, by step by step process of hard work, which may take a lot of time, maybe years. But what is being stressed here is that there is a long way between imagination and reality.

Experiencing reality…

If we know ourselves better, we tend to accept reality.

If a person does not want to accept the real facts in life which can hurt him, try to accept the truth by projecting the positives in your life and by giving life importance than to the negatives.

Keeping aside the negatives does not mean you have to ignore them totally. Be aware of the imperfection of your life and give less importance to them.

Give more importance to things which make you feel great and good. Shifting your focus from something bad to something good can direct your concentration on the negative. For instance, if you are having a small bruise in your body and the pain in causing irritation in your mind, then divert your attention. Switch on the television and watch a movie. This will make feel better.

Move away from negatives. Shift yourself from negatives around you. Negative energy can from people who talk only negative things or from any bad news that can affect you. Keep negative people aside. Their opinions and ideas can always irritate you. The best way is to keep a smile on your face and avoid them more often. Always try to place yourself in the midst of ones who give positive thoughts and ideas. This can change your attitude towards life. Positivity can bring beauty to your life.

Being true to yourself helps. Most of us try to blind ourselves by not allowing our minds to accept the facts that are true. If you are true to yourself, then you will be true to others.

Reality is to shift away from the imaginary world. Feel and experience reality. That is life. Faking out what is not real cannot help us.

Always give much stress to reality. If you cannot do a particular task, never fake yourself that you can do it. Try to learn the techniques of learning that task. If you do not know accept it and try to learn it. Never attempt to do something you do not even know. Learn well and go for it. Nothing is impossible. If you want to make new things possible, then attain the basics.

Accepting reality as it is can help you to improve your life. Judging reality is not the right way of approach. You can neither make it attractive enough, which will only shift our approach to reality.

Reality will not be providing happiness. But accepting reality, whether good or bad as it is, will make you more clear in life. Clarity in situations can make you strong as well as cool. Your personality develops, and you will be able to handle tough situations in life with much ease.

Never consider reality to be good or bad. It is just plain reality. If you have a problem, then never think that you are going to live with that problem forever. Be positive. Every problem is incomplete without a solution. The solution is hidden somewhere. The only thing we have to do is to search for the solution.

Challenges come to life every time you make a new move. Accept the reality and make moves to wipe off the stumbling blocks from your path. When you get more hurdles in life, the end result or the achievement will be sweeter. Life becomes more and more interesting when we tackle the problems standing right in front of us.

When challenges come before us and when we accept the true nature of the challenge, tackling it becomes easier. Handling a problem is not an easy task. Still you can make it easy by taking it in the right sense.

Every person tends to lose hope when a particular challenge comes in front. Losing our hope and strength will only make us weak. Try to enjoy while handling each and every tough situation in life. Realize that every bad thing has a good on following it. Release your tensions…relax…and move forward to face yet another new challenge in life.



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