Energy Therapy Healing Can Tap You Into Your Intuition

Dr. Purushothaman
October 8, 2013

Energy therapy is not like regular modern therapies it is more inferential and most importantly it taps you into your intuitions. Energy therapy is an insight method which is not just external. It is more of internal than external. It is a feeding for one's intuitional and spiritual needs. It is rational and positive and much nearer to rational functions. An energy requires equal involvement from both sides the therapist and the one who is getting a therapy session.

This technique involves a very high degree of influence which diminishes the negativity or negative energy and initiates flow of fresh positive energy in one's mind, body and soul. It is a method that encourages an in depth introspection to remove all sort of negativity or negative energy. It helps in accentuating the bio field or power flow in one's body. The energy therapy is not merely a bodily treatment it covers and enhances the overall performance of mind, body and soul. The soothing touch or magic/spiritual touch has important place in energy healing. It not only gives your relaxation but also taps you into intuitions and releases all bad or defunct energies of the body.

A regular and continuous in depth energy sessions helps in accentuation of positive energy in one's bio field and encourages one to exercise self control more efficiently. This overall process helps to get know about oneself and leads to an eternal sense of self satisfaction. Energy therapy is classified in distinct types.

Energy therapy is not just a soothing touch therapy. Energy medicines are mainly sub divided into two major categories; veritable energy medicines and putative energy medicines. Each type has many medicines under them. The most important of veritable energy medicines are magnetic therapy, color puncture, and light. On the other hand putative energy medicines include bio field energy therapy. Bio field therapy can further be subdivided into nine major classifications namely psychic healing, pranic healing, therapeutic touch, crystal healing, esoteric healing, distant healing, magnetic healing, qigong healing and Reiki.

Many of these therapies were originated or evolved in 1000-100 year B.C. The faith is also a factor that saved these therapies from extinction. These therapies are widely used and much preferred by many till today, and not lost their popularity with time. The demand of energy therapy is increasingly growing as the modern medicines are failing to provide relief for many modern-tech-grown diseases. In times of intensely stressed out life energy healing has come up as a ray of hope for those who are having a losing streak with intense depression.

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