Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Emotions are feelings which are responses to a particular situation. They can be termed as our own feelings. These feelings are felt in our body. They are related to the mind but they give sensation to the body according to the kind of situation the person is in.
Emotions are many. But it is wise to divide emotions into two- Love and Fear. Emotions that come under Love are joy, caring, trust, truth, happiness, contentment and satisfaction. The emotions coming under Fear are shame, lonely, inadequacy, control, sadness, anxiety, anger, depression, hurt, guilt and loneliness. Each of these emotions can be experienced in the mild, intense as well as in the intense forms.

Ill effects of suppressing Emotions

Emotions need to be released at times. When we are having a very painful situation to be handled, and when we are not able to release that pain out either because we fear that others might see or because we are too busy to express it. This suppressed emotion is always in our selves, in our body- each part of the body. The buried emotion actually releases one day or the other or else this buried emotion comes out as physical illness.
It has to be noted that negative emotions like anxiety, frustration and depression can cause negative effects in the body mostly chemical reactions.
People usually avoid their emotions and simply try to ignore them. They use methods like pretending that all is well, trying to keep happy face even when angry, sometimes over eat, drink alcohol or drugs or simply try to keep them busy.

What Suppressed emotions do to us:

• A lot of energy is taken in this process.
• Buried emotions can bring about illness
• It speeds up the process of ageing
Depression is yet another ill effect of suppressing emotions which can affect an individual very badly
• Cause fatigue

How to relax when you tend to control your emotions

Emotions are meant to be expressed, how hard your situation is. If you are happy express it and laugh out loud. If you are sad, cry out loud. If you are angry express it without hurting others. If you feel like being lazy, be lazy for some time.
In short, you need to show out whatever emotion you are experiencing or else you will be finding yourself in serious physical or mental disorders.
But is it possible for you to release your emotions? The thing is we are not able to do this because releasing our suppressed emotions can cause either pain or surprise to others. Being a civilized group, humans have to control their emotions at times.

How to control your emotions in a positive way

• We must first think that whatever we desire is possible. Everything is possible. The only thing is that you must have a will to take the necessary steps in achieving your goals. So the fact is that you need not indulge yourself in too much of emotional stress. Just lead life in a positive manner.
• You must have clarity of thought. You must prove to the world that you are talented. Take out negative thoughts from your mind. Work for dreams.
• Take negatives in the right sense. You can turn your fears, the insults from others and hurts to re-structure into positive ones. Take them as factors which can turn you into a perfect person. Release your emotions in positive ways. Think of the factors that act as support to your life. Then take the negative aspects as a stepping stone to your forthcoming success.
• Sometimes it is good to deny things. Denying negative factors of life can help you to be stable in life.
Being emotional is not a wrong thing. But reacting to your emotions in a negative manner will always put you in trouble. Be wise enough to control your extreme emotions and try to make yourself perfect.
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