Emotions and the Process of Dating

Dr. Purushothaman
January 13, 2014

There is nothing like a divorce in the life of a human. It is a constant reminder that you have failed in the emotional realm and you are somehow unintelligent in an element of human endearment. It means that you are a person who has a problem, or there is something within that made your ex to leave you. This is what makes a person to refrain from dating for sometime because there are no enough amounts of impetus and motivation to forge ahead with relationships. The fact is that you can be hit by a train and survive, undergo a baptism of fire and live again as well as face a ranging typhoon and live, but an emotional earthquake is enough to send one to the emptiness of life, just like that. Life is like a dating session where you need to be intelligent enough to deal with the ensuing situations. It is something that makes you feel good once you realize that you are intelligent enough to handle your own dose of emotions that have gone awry. Emotions have a way of being engraved in your mien forever. There is no one who doesn't show emotions, but being engraved is tantamount to being affected by them every time you are hurt in a small way. You can never know about emotions and the best way to know how you fair in them is deducing how you react to any emotional stimuli, from rejection in a relationship to being hurt in emotional ways. Dating is another way of weighing down the way you are able to live with your own emotions. Emotions are tough things to hold as they are as hot as smelting iron. In dating you are very emotional depending on the way you approach the dating process. Essentially, you are very hurt when the date of the night is greeted by another person, you feel very bad and you feel within your spirit there is something amiss. This is a sign of emotional inefficiency. It might be because of the ensuing events and issues, the more you are falling in love with the date the more emotional you become. In case the dating event becomes a disaster you would have noticed how you withdraw into yourself as the feeling of loss weighs down your spirit and makes you irritable. Irritability after a breakup is a sign of emotional decadence where you cannot fathom yourself with another loss. Dating is a world where you face so many challenges. You are somehow engaged with a tug of war with the person you are dating where your egos meet and try to find a common ground upon which the attraction will begin to take root and grow as it should be. The attraction that you find together is what makes you last in a dating session, since you just need a tinge of love to prepare yourself to accept the person you are dating as she or he is. Emotions and dating are inseparable.

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