Emotional Intelligence Helps Me Greatly

Dr. Purushothaman
January 13, 2014


Emotional Intelligence is growing into a popular alternative for corporate companies seeking self growth help. It is the' in vogue' training. Why? Well I believe it is because it concentrates on people understanding themselves and their behaviour much better, rather than just giving them advice on team work and effectiveness in the workplace.
I am not sure if this interest in Emotional Intelligence is due to boredom with the traditional type of training, or a realization by Human Resource departments that telling people what to do in order to get results has limited lasting success. Maybe I am being slightly cynical here because there is no denying the more traditional type of training to middle management has worked well. I respect that. But could it be that ten years into the 21st century people and society are ready for "something else": sometimes more thought provoking, self empowering, natural and lasting. Above all could there increasing embrace of Emotional Intelligence be because society are becoming much more relaxed about talking about their emotions - and in public?
Now women having been doing this for years (!) but us males are slightly more reticent about revealing whether we feel; grief, anger, lust (not necessarily sexual thoughts) in the moment. It is probably because we still have the hunter gatherer instinct in us (well part at least) which prevents us from revealing emotions too much. This would be to show weakness and vulnerability to the fellow male. Wouldn't it? Well traditionally, yes - but wait, do we really need those survival instincts to this day?
Some would argue yes - just to service the boardroom redundancy fall out or being able to secure promotion ahead of fellow workers.
Then wait a minute. To resist Emotional Intelligence is to misunderstand its benefits. Understanding emotional intelligence is to realise it can help cope with boardroom redundancy fall out - and preserve good health and keep stress levels down low. It also becomes invaluable if forced with a situation where many others are competing for the same job vacancy as you.
It could mean the difference between you understanding Emotional Intelligence and using it effectively and getting the job done you seek ahead of others.
So why is this?
Well because to use Emotional Intelligence is to be able to recognise when we are holding any of the six energy draining feelings at any given time and charge to the three positive ones. From the three positive ones anything and everything is possible.
Here are the six negative energy draining emotions:
Apathy, Grief, Fear, Lust, Anger, Pride - or to summarise by the first letter - AGFLAP.
The three energy inducing emotions:
Courage, Acceptance and Peace - or CAP
So to summarise what Emotional Intelligence is about: it is the ability to recognise, in an instant which feeling we are experiencing at any given time. If it is AGFLAP, which is energy draining, we can then use the tools and techniques to lift us up into CAP - the energy inducing state.
This brings us a sense of calm, rationale, focus and clarity to our existence in the moment.
This is the positive natural state, when we humans can be at our most productive, most effective and most happy state. More than this, it is the healthiest; most relaxed and perfect natural state to aspire to. This doesn't mean we can stay in CAP forever - nor should we worry about that. We will learn more about ourselves and value being more effective as peaceful individuals (that's internal peace) if we feel the AGFLAP and use it to practice what life intended for us.
This is why corporate training is now looking for Emotional Intelligence for its employers and management alike. It dissolves problems in the workplace, soothes painful issues and gives a positive new direction for people as individuals.
Exactly what corporate training was looking for all along.
Thanks for reading.

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