Emotional Cheating - How to Know When Your Spouse Is Guilty of Emotional Cheating

Dr. Purushothaman
January 13, 2014


Do you suspect your spouse of emotional cheating? What makes you suspect? In this short article you'll find out what constitutes an emotional affair, the signs of emotional cheating, and with a tip at the end on how to go about repairing your marriage or relationship.
First off, let me share with you a piece of research I've carried out on my website. In a poll of my visitors I asked them what was worse in their opinion; emotional affairs or physical affairs. The results so far are as follows...
79% of women think that emotional cheating is either worse than, or equivalent to, physical affairs. 16% think that physical affairs are worse. The rest don't know.
In the men's poll, 66% of them think that emotional affairs are either worse than, or equivalent to, physical affairs, whilst 21% believe that a physical affair is worse. The rest don't know.
You can see the proper breakdown on my site after you've read this short article, but what this does show is that emotional cheating is taken seriously by both sexes, but more so by women than men.
In other words, whether you are the victim or the guilty party in an emotional affair, you need to do something to rectify it, if you want to save your marriage or relationship. It's not an insignificant event, nor one that can be brushed aside as irrelevant.
But why should emotional cheating be such a big deal? It's only emotions isn't it? Therein is the answer; the relationship is based on shared emotions. Whereas a physical relationship can be purely that, physical, with no emotional depth to it, emotional cheating is the opposite. This is why it can be difficult to work through and can be seen as a greater threat to the marriage or relationship.
Let's now see what may define emotional cheating...
Someone may be said to be involved in emotional cheating when they regularly and frequently share deep, intimate details of their lives with their 'friend' -- they seem always to refer to them as 'just a good friend' -- than they do with their partner or spouse. And they often meet for after work drinks and even meals.
If they discuss things with their friend that they don't even talk over with their partner or spouse including things about their marriage or relationship, if they look forward to going to work, or to whatever environment they share with the other person (e.g. the gym, etc.), more than spending time with their partner or spouse, then they are probably in an emotional affair.
Now cheaters might not agree with this interpretation, but I believe they are only kidding themselves. Emotional cheaters need to accept the fact and take steps to repair the damage done before it's too late.
And if you are the victim of emotional cheating you need to address the issue before it goes too far, perhaps to include a physical dimension, which further complicates things.
But because there are great sensitivities and emotions involved on both sides it's absolutely vital that you don't blunder into a conversation about the affair. Saying the wrong things at the wrong time can be disastrous and could even lead to a complete breakup...

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