Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Emergencies are situations in which people have to face a sudden change from their routine life to something which is more tensed and stressed, caused as a result of any kind of war or armed conflicts and by any kind of natural disasters. Such armed conflicts and natural disasters can cause a great lot of trouble and stress to the affected people. Though these problems affect for a short period of time, the impact on the minds of the affected people is very strong and deep. It affects the minds of the people for a long time. The fear caused by such emergencies sometimes last for a pretty long time.
Emergency Situations create a kind of fear in the minds of the victims. No matter how much these people have been recovered from that particular situation, fear and psychological problems attack their minds.

Causes of Emergencies

• Natural calamities like Earthquake, Flood or Tsunami attacks
• War or any kind of emergency situation in a country

Problems caused due to Emergencies

• Loss of property
• Loss of dear and near ones
• Loss of the daily situations one has experienced
• Loss of the peaceful atmosphere
• Fear of the future
• Fear that the similar problem might attack them
• Psychological disorders
• Mental tension handle
• Fear to live in peace
• Fear to stay away from loved ones

How to overcome the problems caused by Emergencies

Emergencies can cause a lot of problems in the minds of the affected ones. To overcome the problems which an emergency has caused is really hard and difficult. People often find themselves unable to react to such situations. Their peaceful lives have been totally destroyed by such situations.
Handling the mental tension along with the loss of property and dear ones would give the affected ones a real tough time. Every one of us has to understand that if there is birth, then death is a definite thing. If there is creation, then destruction too is not an uncommon thing. But the fact is that we always want things to go the right way. That is of course human nature. Nobody likes such situations to ever happen in their lives. But if such a situation happens, then one must be strong enough to handle things the right way. Losing the mental balance can only make our family more weak. To give strength to the other members of the family, one must take charge or take control of the situations and deal in a manner that he/she gives consolation to the other members.

Psychological treatments should be given to those who feel frightened of even thinking of the whole situation. During such emergency situations, there definitely would be rescuers and medical team ready to support the affected people. The medical team would definitely be having psychiatrists and counselors who can give relaxation to the affected ones. Apart from material loss, loss of dear ones can cause a lot of trauma in the minds of the people. Such counseling sessions can be of great help to such people.

The fear which has developed as a result of such emergencies will remain in minds for a long time. But if one is ready to overcome such fears, and take action in healing the wounds of the mind, then it can help them to see life in a more positive aspect.

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