Early Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Dr. Purushothaman
February 12, 2018

Health issues are being faced by many even after following a healthy lifestyle. Cancer is one of the most acute and dangerous diseases that people suffer from. In most cases, the cancer types are acute and that leads to loss of life. It is crucial to detect the cancer symptoms at an early stage in order to opt for treatment and safe life. To talk about lung cancer, its major cause is a mutation in the DNA. It is difficult to catch the cancer symptoms, but someone who has knowledge will be a better judge and will be able to understand what the body may be trying to signal. The symptoms are mainly similar in both males and females.

Symptoms of lung cancer

Following are a few most important and strong symptoms of lung cancer. Even if one detects two or three symptoms, they must rush for some immediate medical attention.

One can suffer from common cough a number of times. However, if the cough persists and goes on for days, it is a cause of worry. The lung is infected in a way and that leads to coughing. Coughing alone cannot be a cancer symptom, but if it is backed by a few acute symptoms, the body may be signaling something major.

Fatigue and weakness
If one wakes up feeling tired and weak, it is a signal that the body is suffering from something crucial. A feeling of fatigue and body pain with minimal activities might be a symptom of cancer.

Wheezing is a condition in which one breathes with a heavy sound and that happen because of inflammation in the lungs. Whether or wheezing indicates cancer, it surely signals that the lungs are not in good condition and they need examination. Wheezing can be a possible lung cancer symptom.

Weight loss
Cancer can be a cause of unexplained and rapid weight loss. So, if one suffers from the above mentioned symptoms and experience sudden weight loss, it is a strong indication of cancer. Choosing to eat healthy and following a healthy way of life will help to give more strength to the body and help in preventing cancer to a very large extent.

Horner Syndrome
Yet another major symptom of lung cancer is the Horner syndrome. In such a situation, the tumor will be formed in the lungs, especially the upper areas. This will tend to damage the nerves that pass right from the chest to the area of the neck. Extreme pain in the shoulder will be the result. Apart from this, one will also experience eyelid drooping, low sweating on the face and small pupil in the side of the eye.

Body and bone pain
The body pains when one suffers from ailments, but the acute pain in bones can lead to a cancer symptom. Bone pain is not good and it can mean something serious.

Dizziness and weakness
The body undergoes a lot if one if affected with cancer, so a common symptom would be frequent dizziness and fainting, Along with that, one feels weak to move around without support.

Loss of appetite
In lung cancer or other cancer types, the common symptom is loss of appetite. One feels hungry very seldom and it is not good as the body does not get the daily dose of nutrition.

Memory loss
One may even suffer from memory loss or lapses. The brain does not signal properly and that may lead to loss of memory or identification. This is a strong symptom and in no case should one ignore this.

Understanding more about the mental health benefits would come in handy if you are in need of the mental strength that you need to fight against the physical diseases in a better way. Get proper treatment and live a hearty life.

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