Some Early Signs & Symptoms of Anaemia

Dr. Purushothaman
February 28, 2018

Anaemia is a disease that occurs when red blood cells are too low in a person’s body. It also occurs due to decreased oxygen supply to the vital body tissues and organs as the production of the red blood cells have reduced. People now days should be very careful and to opt a healthy way of living to avoid such diseases.

Few of the common signs of Anaemia are mentioned below:

Paleness of skin
The first symptom of Anaemia is paleness of skin where the color of your skin becomes lighter due to the decreased blood flow. So whenever you find that your skin has become pale along with symptoms like shortness of breath, rapid heart rate; immediately seek medical help. The doctor may prescribe vitamin B12 and iron supplementation or in severe cases blood transfusion and surgery.

Another symptom of Anaemia is general fatigue. This generally happens because of the lifestyle people follow. But if you experience sudden fatigue without any such reasons you must visit the doctor for medical attention. The doctor may even suggest some healthy eating diet.

Jaundice is another sign that you might be suffering from Anaemia. In this disease the skin and eyes become yellow because of the excessive amount of bilirubin in the system. Some severe cases may require even blood transfusion to remove bilirubin out the body. Common jaundice can go away without any medical treatments.

Bleeding disorder is an indication of Anaemia. It is related to the way blood clots. In this disorder your body does not have sufficient amount of protein called clotting factors and platelets. If not treated fast, it could cause massive loss of blood causing Anaemia.
If there pertains black or bloody stool whenever you have bowel movements you need to immediately seek serious medical attention as it indicates that there is bleeding inside your GI tract. The blood loss during this may lead to Anaemia. To prevent this stay hydrated and have plenty of fluids and fiber.

Low and High Blood Pressure
Low blood pressure and high blood pressure are both symptoms of Anaemia. Low blood pressure occurs when there is a blood loss due to injury or pregnancy or any infection in the blood stream. High blood pressure has no such signs and is difficult to suspect whether you are suffering from it or not. If left untreated can cause severe heart attack, cardiovascular disease or stroke.

Palpitation of heart
Another major symptom of Anaemia is heart palpitation. This is a condition when one feels the heart pounding. Heart race will actually make you feel abnormal. This happens when you have abnormal heartbeat rhythm. Even though this condition is not very harmful and does not need any kind of treatment, you need to give special care and attention. For preventing this condition you need to stop caffeine intake, cut short alcohol, quit smoking, quit tobacco use, try to eat healthy food, do regular exercise and make steps to maintain the right cholesterol level and check blood pressure regularly.

Deficiency of Iron
Iron deficiency Anaemia is also one of the signs that you could be suffering from Anaemia. This is caused when your body does not have enough amount of iron. So doctor may advise to take adequate iron intake or even iron supplements.

Other symptoms
There are many more signs that could lead to Anaemia such as thalassemia, Ulcerative Colitis, Hypovolemic Shock, etc. But you should be very careful and immediately seek medical treatment if you observe any of the above symptoms. You can also check a few of the healthy living websites that impart knowledge on how to prevent yourself from occurring of these diseases.

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