Do You Think Science Will Offer The “Final Answer” To All Problems?

Dr. Purushothaman
July 2, 2023

Different countries of the world go through different types of problems. Every problem is different and has different solutions to it. However, if the problem is not socialistic, science is the answer to most of the problems. The contribution of science towards the growth of the world is huge. The world would not have been where it is had science been not there.

Right now the world is facing a tough time because of Corona Virus. The pandemic has led to disruptions in many sectors of the economies of the world and more importantly, it is taking the lives of the people. In such times, the only answer to the problem is science. Only science is the answer to the pandemic. The world is striving hard and trying to find effective vaccines which can fight the deadly virus. So it would not be wrong to say that science is the final answer to the world’s problem right now.

However one must not forget that society faces various types of problems. And all the problems cannot be solved through science. In such a scenario science cannot be the answer to every problem. The solution to some of the problems requires the effort of the whole society. Science can act as a support to solve such problems but it cannot be the final answer.

On the negative side, science is also the reason for wars across the globe. Various countries now own dangerous weapons and can destroy any other country just by pressing a button. With power comes greater responsibility, this fits appropriately with science. Science is a boon to mankind if handled with care.

But one must not forget that it is because of science that humans have progressed in the healthcare sector. Now any disease can be cured with medical science. The most complicated and critical operations of the human body can now be performed with ease. Medical science has taken the human race to new heights. The longevity of humans has increased tremendously in the past few decades because of science. It is very difficult to imagine the world had no development and research took place in medical science. Therefore, when it comes to the healthcare sector science has been the final answer to most of the problems.

This debate of science offering “final answer” to the problems of the world will always have mixed answers. Science has been a boon to the human race. It is humans who have misused it and created problems. The development and progress of the human race have been possible at a rapid pace because of science. We have moved forward across various sectors of the economy. It is almost impossible to imagine life without using science. Every day to day item that we use is a product of science. Even if science cannot be the answer to all the problems of the human race, yet it is close to solving most of the problems. If science is used towards the development of the human race without any misuse, it can take mankind to a new path of growth and progress.

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