Do You Know the Merits & Demerits of X-Ray Exposure

Dr. Purushothaman
July 21, 2019

Benefits of X-Ray are known to the majority of the masses. The discovery of X-Ray can be considered as one of the major findings that has changed the medical and the industrial world forever. X-ray was discovered by Wilhelm Rontgen of Germany. In the year 1888, he was appointed as a Scientist and also the Director of the Physics Institute of the Wuburg University. In the year 1895, he discovered X-Ray, which made him very famous.

Rontgen was doing experiments with Cathode rays that consisted of line of electrons. This flow is produced with the help of high voltage between the electrons that are placed on either side of the glass tube. During this experiment, he covered the cathode ray tube with a black paper so that when the light put on, it is not able to pass through the tube. He was amazed to see that light started to show on the screen through the thick black paper. He understood that a kind of invisible radiation has come out of the tube while the light was turned on. This mysterious radiation was called the X-Ray.

Some of the Benefits of X-Ray in the Medical field

X-ray has electron magnetic waves and not electrons. These rays have a shorter wavelength than the light waves. They are mainly used in dental treatments as well as diagnosis. It can also be used for preventing the growth of certain harmful tumors in the body. X-rays also are used in different industries. Mostly it is used to check the objects packed and also to find the damage any packed object has undergone. In scientific areas too these rays are or real help. Some of the major benefits of these rays are mentioned below.

  • Permanent hair removal:
  • It was Dr Leopold Freund from Austria, who has found out that X-Rays, can cause hair loss because of radiation. He recommended x-ray for the treatment of hypertrichosis. This is a disease that allows over growth of hair on areas such as hands, stomach and face. With the help of Cornell tube, the power of the rays is suppressed. While the x-rays were used for beauty treatment, it was found that it will harm the skin and make it wrinkled. So it is not useful in beauty treatment.

  • Radiography:
  • Radiography is of great use in the medical field. These are the images taken from the body of the patient when he/she lies are front of the x-ray tracer.

  • Radiotherapy:
  • Radiotherapy or Radiation therapy makes use of the X-ray for the purpose of destroying cancer cells. It destroys the genetic material that is in control of the growth of the cell as well as the division of these cells. The radiation therapy, which is a part of the cancer treatment is a common treatment for cancer which has been of great help of many cancer patients. Treatment of certain tumors in the body can also be possible to be treated with the help of radiotherapy.

  • Computed Tomography or CT Scanning:
  • The discovery of computed tomography, or CT scanning is one of the major findings that have helped in recognizing the internal problems of the human body. Images of the areas affected can be taken in a two dimensional manner with the help of x-rays.

    Some of the side effects of X-Rays

    Even though x-rays have great health benefits and are of great help in diagnosing as well as in treating certain diseases, we find that these rays can cause some side effects to the body. Taking CT scans can sometimes cause allergic reactions in the patient. During scanning of the kidneys and blood vessels, a liquid form of iodine is given into the veins. Skin disorders as well as respiratory problems can happen after x-ray treatment. Skin itching, the appearance of rashes is the common allergies to x-rays. Pregnant women are not recommended to do x-ray treatment since it can affect the fetus in a very bad way. It is hence advisable of pregnant women do CT scans alone. Overdose of radiation can result in health issues and even cancer.

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