Do you know Some Interesting Benefits of Rice Water

Dr. Purushothaman
December 25, 2019

Asian countries usually have rice as their staple food. Rice water is the liquid obtained while cooking rice. When rice is boiled at high temperature, the starch inside the rice oozes out and we get rice water. Though rice water seems plain and not so tasty without salt, it does contain a lot of benefits which most of us are not aware of. Rice water is a good cure for diarrhea and it also helps in boosting a good system in gastroenteritis. Moreover, it has got a lot of properties that are good for promoting the beauty of our skin. For ages, the women in Asia have used this as a skin and hair care treatment secret.

Some of the benefits of rice water

Effective in Mind and Body Relaxation

Rice water is a magical liquid that helps in providing you a relaxed body and mind. Taking a bath with rice water will relax your body and mind. This will help to energize you for the next step in life.

Is an anti inflammatory

Rice water contains a whole lot of minerals, vitamins and amino acids. This is the reason why it acts as a natural anti inflammatory. Thus, it helps the body from getting certain illnesses.

Gives energy

We get more energy by not only doing regular exercise, but also by eating the right healthy food. Rice water has a lot of nutrients in it. The carbohydrates present in rice water helps to promote energy to our body. When the body is filled with energy, we are able to do more work.

Helps to prevent constipation

Since rice water is a good source of nutrients, it helps in promoting the perfect digestion, thus preventing constipation. Apart from this, for the purpose of promoting a healthy digestive system you need to take in food with a lot of fiber in them. This will help in providing you a healthy body.

Gives relief from Diarrhea

Rice water is a good medicine for providing relief from diarrhea. This secret is not commonly known among the majority of the people. The nutrients present in the rice water provides strength to the body too when affected by diarrhea. So if you need to treat a diarrhea, consume rice water at regular intervals.

Helps in regulating the body temperature

Regulating the temperature of the body with the help of rice water is not a commonly known factor. While affected with fever, consuming rice water can help to heal it. Moreover, it acts as an agent to regulate the temperature of the body. Recovery from fever is possible when you drink rice water.

Provides health for the muscles

Building healthy muscles are liked by everyone. Since rice water contains rich amounts of amino acids in it, there will be a boost in the growth of muscles. People who want to have great muscles need to consume rice water and also indulge in regular exercise.
Rice water for beauty treatments

Helps in Promoting Healthy Hair

Rice water is extremely beneficial for the health of the hair. It can be used as a shampoo or conditioner to make it become shiny and grow stronger. This is a known secret for centuries. Rice water has inositol, which is a carbohydrate that helps in improving the elasticity of the hair. It also reduces the friction and decreases damage of the hair. While applying rice water as a hair mask, it can help in making the hair long, strong, healthy and beautiful.

Enhances Hair Growth from the Root

Hair fall is a common problem among many. To prevent hair fall, most people try out the best shampoo as well as a conditioner for the hair which are available in the market. Unfortunately, these do not give the right results, making the hair brittle and weak. Rice water, which is available without any cost can help in preventing hair fall and making the roots of the hair stronger than ever.

As a toner

Rice water is a natural toner for your skin. Applying rice water to the face will make it radiant, healthy and smooth. Make sure to apply it on the face with the help of a cotton ball. It will minimize the pores on the skin and also boosts up blood flow.

Gives you a youthful skin

While aging begins, people find their skin looking dull and prone to get affected by minor things around us like dust, heat and so on. To get back to a youthful skin, all you need to do is to discard all your chemical filled creams and lotions and stick on to application of rice water on the face. This also reduces the age spots on the skin, making it youthful naturally.

As a treatment for Eczema

Treating eczema is possible with the application of rice water. Apply rice water on the inflamed skin. It helps in cooling the affected skin, making it smooth. Moreover the burnt and inflamed skin will go back to its natural state when rice water is used for treating it.

How to consume

Rice water consumption has a whole lot of benefits. Boiled rice water is a good mask for skin. This water can be stored in refrigerator for using it for a few days. If you want to consume rice water, you can add a bit of salt to taste. Choosing the healthy option in your life is the best way to live healthy and stay healthy.

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