Dealing with High Levels Of Stress

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014


It is a simple fact that stress is a part of life. Everyone experiences it while trying to juggle the different parts of their life from friends and family to work. Stress is not an easy thing to deal with and it often gets out of hand. Here are some simple ways to tell when the stress just becomes too much.
Everyone experiences different signs when it comes to excessive stress. The symptoms may manifest themselves in a behavioral or emotional state. They can even show up with physical symptoms.
These are some of the physical symptoms that almost everyone that is overloaded experiences. They might feeling tension in their muscles or find themselves unable to fall and stay asleep. They may start to get more frequent and worse headaches. Some other physical signs are fatigue or gastrointestinal problems.
Emotionally stress can send you on a crazy frenzy of up and down feelings. You may become very nervous or anxious. You might find yourself binge eating or simply not being able to eat at all. Other people have also experienced drastic depression and a loss of interest and energy in their normal day-to-day activities.
People that are overloaded by stress will often change the way they behave as well. Most often they will choose to participate in activities that have deemed unhealthy. For example, they begin drinking larger and larger amounts of alcohol at one time or drink from sun up to sun down. They may even try drugs. It has also been shown that people with a lot of stress will eat less healthy food than those who are less stressed.
It is important to remember that everyone can handle different levels of stress and it is OK to say enough is enough when you feel overloaded. Also, everyone symptoms of stress and the choices they make to counteract them are different. Just because someone is feeling a little down does not mean they are stressed and likewise just because people do not have any of the above mentioned symptoms does not mean they are not stressed. If you find yourself in a situation where you know something is wrong and you are making unhealthy choices or feel sad or depressed you should consult your doctor. It may be something as simple as stress or it could point to something much worse. It is always a good thing to remember to have it checked out just in case.
Stress affects everyone on different levels. It can lead to major issues and is an unavoidable fact of life. However, knowing your limits and being able to say no is a good way to protect yourself from getting caught up in a situation where you are too stressed and may make poor decisions.

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