Daily Journaling

Dr. Purushothaman
August 6, 2014

Some people have the difficulty in expressing themselves through words and actions. How about writing your going through with your life or what you feel in your journal?
But first, buy yourself your very own journal, or diary that you can write stuff about yourself and your points of view. You can share your own secret in your journal, and if you don't want anyone to read it then you can always bring your journal like in school or probably at work.
Or maybe just keep it at some place where no one else could find it, or buy a journal that has a lock in it.
Write everything you want to write without thinking a lot, or editing some of your writings. Don't pressure yourself in writing because its the only thing that you express yourself, positively or negatively.
If you are angry at someone, you can express it all in your journal without making a scene or doing anything bad publicly. You decide what to write and how to write it.
You can even make stories of yourself and write all you imaginations or dreams and goals. So that when you look back in the future and succeeded your goals and dreams, you would know how you got there because you have a something to read about it back in the past. Express all what you feel, from fact and fictions and from fantasy to reality.

Let you mind open up to the things that you are thinking, and let your ball pen do the expressing. Make your own quotes of how you view yourself in your life or how you think of others.
As long as nobody is going to read it, and your journal is well secured then you are good to go. Just minimize on the negative stuff that you are writing, this won't help you grow up and be a good writer. As long as it has a positive outcomes then you can write anything and everything about someone, something or some place.
There are a lot of way in expressing yourself, but in just at the tip of your ball pen. You can already write everything that you desire to write, and express everything that you feel without anyone knowing it. Its just you and your journals personal secret.
"Know thyself means this, that you get acquainted with what you know, and what you can do."
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