Daily Hassles

Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Living one’s life is not sometimes always a smooth process. People tend to go through different circumstances which can often give a lot of stress and strain to the mind. Mental strain can indirectly affect the energy of the body. Too much of stress can wear one out and makes one less active throughout the day.
Daily Hassles can differ from life events on account of the length of the stress. Usually, a traffic jam can create a lot of stress for the time being. That stress and tension will be over after that particular scene is left behind. The mental stress is only for that moment. But in a life event gives stress in another way. It affects a person very deeply for a long period of time. In short, the death of a near or dear person can always create a great space in a person’s life. This can cause deep pain inside the person for several years. The loss of a near and dear one can always cause a sense of loss and loneliness in any person. Similar is the case with someone who has lost his job. Living without a job and becoming the subject of talk can always cause a deep pain in a person. Such a life event can be stressful and painful even after the problem has been solved. The fear of losing someone close to one’s heart and losing something called a dream job; all can cause deep pain even if resolved after a period of time.
Daily Hassles are totally different though the similar fact is stress. In Daily Hassles, stress is limited. Stress can leave as soon as the problem is over.

Major Daily Hassles one faces in life

  • A traffic jam

  • Getting late for work

  • Getting stuck in a not so interesting conversation

  • Feeling of loneliness

  • Worry about low income

  • Less sleep

  • Feeling of not getting a satisfaction for the work done

  • Scarcity of time

  • Hurry to reach before the deadline

  • Not satisfied with colleagues

  • Tension over the problems caused by one’s children

  • Social rejection

  • Dissatisfaction over one’s abilities ( can be lack of mathematical skills, low memory power, low learning skills or even low communication skills)

  • Betrayed by someone close

  • Being separated from the loved ones

  • Conflicts with friends or colleagues

  • Financial problems

  • Lack of leisure time

Though the period of stress one goes through in a Daily hassle is less compared to the stress and problems caused by a life event, the intensity of the stress experienced over that short period of time can prove to be dangerous to the person. The one major factor about daily hassle is that the stress caused is not monumental. These little stresses can affect the person so badly that he/she are prone to be attacked by serious illness as a result.

Dealing with daily hassles

  • Prefer to make the mind understand that small tensions are nothing but passing winds

  • Never take things too seriously

  • A light approach to any problem can help to maintain a perfect metal balance

  • Reading positive quotes and anything with a positive attitude can tone the mind and give it strength

  • Practicing meditation

  • Practicing Yoga on a daily basis

  • Make early hours of the day the time for pampering and giving time for the ‘Self’

  • Take a ‘Cool’ approach to life

  • Believe in the one and only power who leads every one

  • Love those who are dear and hate not those who are considered enemies

  • Take deep breaths while facing problems

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