Current Affair Knowledge is Vital For Healthy Life

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2014


It is a good habit to read newspapers daily or watch news channels, practice general knowledge quizzes or listen to the radio as this helps you stay connected with others. Man is a social animal, and mediums like these help us communicate with people from all over the world. One cannot survive in an isolated state, shut down from the real world. This leads to great hindrance in both professional and personal growth of an individual. In such a case, current affairs serve as our daily dose of information about the world we live in and the environment that surrounds us. They give us every information, from a minute event that took place in 2012 to a major technological advancement that had an impact on many lives.
Our behavior is a direct result of what we see around us. Therefore, it is very important for use to see, analyze and choose what is best for us. Turning a deaf year or a blind eye to our environment will only lead to ignorance and our alienation with the real world. When we know what is taking place in our environment, we can be better prepared and have a clearer view. Current affairs help us to stay updated and provide us with knowledge of all over the world. A person who is in regular touch with current affairs has a broader view of life and understands things from a larger framework. For him/her the world does not merely revolve around his family, friends or relatives, but includes other human beings from all over the world.
We have so many mediums to gain general knowledge and stay informed. There is the newspaper, which is accessible to all, the radio, magazines etc. We also have the internet, where we can not merely on the receiving end, but can also voice our opinions. Also, for all those who stay in constant touch with current affairs, they can test their knowledge through GK quizzes. A quiz is an entertaining form of testing your general knowledge and realizing your areas of weakness. Quizzes are also divided into specific years and subjects, which make your search for knowledge more refined and accurate. For example, to gain information of 2012 events, you can refer to the quiz of the particular year, or any specific event that took place in the year.
So, the more informed you are the healthier and safer is your life. Your ability to understand things, improves with the knowledge of Current affairs. A person with a sound general knowledge can perform better at work. Thus, staying updated will not do you any harm, keep yourself aware and safe by resorting to newspapers, quizzes etc.
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