Curiosity Is Good

Dr. Purushothaman
October 13, 2013

Some people say that curiosity scientists and poets. Curiosity for me that I also hurt me.
Curiosity urged me to go for the first time, is my fourteen years old, when his father for a piece of old alarm clock, through a friend let me time to get up in the morning.: "beep dalai, beep dalai, ding poison poison, ding poison,,,,,,,," it will ring on time.
"What happened to this?" Straight in my heart itch, I find out what curiosity instigator. I looking for screwdrivers, pliers secretly watch is in "big discharge eight pieces".
"Barack! Turns out to be so," I understand why it will ring on time and keep walking, I was my pleasure as the ground picked up two hundred yuan. When I assembled sweat was streaming down straight. After a big is sad, I was crying, what's wrong with how outfit is not at all. Took me a whole afternoon, also did not put table, I began to fear, afraid of his father's beatings. How to do? So we have to lay down and die. Was the sorrow I don't understand it, the brain a flash: "save." Neighbor Li Ershu will fix the table why don't you ask him to help.
Busy I give Li Ershu to take to the table, I a subservient and Li Ershu said Li Ershu see my embarrassment said: "don't know don't mess with, there is something wrong with the teacher, please let me have a look?" My in the mind as to avoid a catastrophe. Li Ershu then into my lifesaver. In a moment he put table ok, I see clearly, immediately I unto them, almost want to jump for joy. Then I will repair the watch.
Curiosity really give me lessons, or from the TV set. Somehow, something once I became a mystery, solution doesn't open, a few days I can sleep well, I thought is a morbid, consult a doctor, the doctor said this is curiosity is too strong. "Ah" the curiosity can kill me, sometimes I can't help.
Father bought a TV set, I ponder, how also didn't think deeply why it out of the image, what some inside. Li Ershu told me when I forget all. While my father was not at home I stealthy took apart the TV set, watching the along while also didn't understand why it out of the image, but I only to see the strange electronic components inside, also good, can smoothly installed, can be a switch could not "bad" person. Hurry I just hit my head: "why do you often teach not to change?" Then the father ran into the room, he a look at my TV set broke, bulging eyes zheng "pa" immediately gave me a slap in the face, my lips drip blood. I was very clever without lessons.
Is this a slap in the face after I worked must find out what the TV. Later I after learning from master and positive practice, now I repair the TV set is already "defeated".

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