Creativity - Be a Graceful Winner, a Peaceful Warrior, and Maintain Unstoppable Flow

Dr. Purushothaman
October 13, 2013


When you choose creativity over competition, you become a graceful winner, a Peaceful Warrior, and you are empowered to maintain an unstoppable flow in life and business. As such, your creative potential becomes creative power. This creative power generates productivity and emits inspiration to those around you.

This knowledge of creativity versus competition has been emphasized in the Science of Getting Rich by W.D. Wattles. When some study the Science of Getting Rich, they often want to rid their life of any desire to be a winner because some people think they have to be a competitive in order to be a winner. The quote from W.D. Wattles in the Science of Getting Rich reads...

...Every person who becomes rich by competition knocks down the ladder by which he rises, and keeps others down, but every person who gets rich by creation opens a way for thousands to follow - and inspires them to do so....

This passage speaks volumes about productivity, inspiration and creativity. Through this we learn and overcome many illusions and fetters of the ego. We discover a comforting truth about creativity and productivity. We learn that winning has nothing to do with the competition itself. But more, winning is the nature of the Hero or Warrior in all of us. With a winner's continuity and a productive mental attitude, we become champions. A champion can be a supporter, defender, a business man, a business woman, or simply a promoter of good in the world. This is the concept of the Peaceful Warrior. And a Peaceful Warrior is dedicated to personal development, spiritual development, and success in life and business. A Peaceful Warrior taps into his or her inner strengths and inner resources in order to produce the outcome he or she desires.

Developing a winning attitude is what promotes our ability to build a spirit of excellence and reap the fruits of productivity. This spirit of excellence allows our gifts and talents to make room for us in any arena of life and business. As a winner, your flow excels. Your well-being is that of a champion and a peaceful warrior. In this manner, there is no competition for you. Competition is struggle. Winners do not struggle. Winners prevail. Winners see their weaknesses as challenges and opportunities to become more and do more.

Winners are graceful and when they win it seems natural. Remember the late great Flo-Jo. When Flo-Jo ran her laps around the track, it seems as if she was doing it gracefully without effort. But her winning attitude tapped into her creative potential each day she "trained" as an athlete. Through her training she developed as a runner and her skills became more profound. When we stepped on to the track, on her mark, and set to go-she went gracefully and artfully. It seemed as if nothing could stop her. The name Flo-Jo fit her perfectly because she could flow without ceasing.

We can produce at the same level of intensity every day in life and in business when we choose to let go of competition and work with the Creative Spirit as co-creators of our life, business ventures, and daily activities. No obstacle could stop us because there will be no obstacles. Who can compete with the unstoppable flow of creativity?

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