Corporate Wellness Programs for Your Company

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Corporate wellness programs are becoming increasingly more important in modern society. Too few people are properly educated on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. This may be the result of a lack of education from parents to children as their kids grow up and consume unhealthy junk food. It may also be due to schools not taking an appropriate role in helping to educate children as well. Most people learn their healthy or unhealthy habits when they are young, and those habits continue with them as they get older.
Unhealthy individuals tend to have more frequent health problems, and will require more frequent visits to doctor's offices and hospitals. For those individuals, or the company they work for, the insurance premiums will continue to rise the more often they need medical attention. Companies who are in need of a corporate wellness program can search online for programs like HeartMath to help motivate their employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Corporate wellness programs will help to properly educate the participants in how to live a healthy lifestyle. The participants will learn what a calorie is, and how many calories their body requires to survive. Each person has a specific calorie amount that their body requires just to maintain basic functions. If they were to lay flat on their back all day long, they would still need a basic number of calories for their organs to perform their functions.
In addition to this resting calorie amount, they will also need additional calories based on their level of activity. Obviously people who are more active will require more calories, and those trying to lose weight will require fewer calories. Participants will be taught about portion sizes and portion control so they do not exceed their daily caloric intake. Once you have decided a corporate wellness program is the best thing for your company, you can search for programs like HeartMath online to obtain all the information you need about what is available. Insurance companies are very complimentary of corporate wellness programs. Insurance companies will typically offer a reduced premium for those people who participate in the corporate wellness program. The belief is that those people who are actively attempting to live a healthier lifestyle will no longer require as many trips to the doctor's office and hospital, and therefore will not be required to pay as high a premium as they used to.
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