Corporate Attitude And Work Attitude Workshops

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

1. Create A Proactive Attitude One Hour 2. Boost Your Attitude & Create the 'Can do' Attitude Two Hours 3. Advance your Sales Success Attitude Three Hours

Create a Proactive Attitude One hour

This workshop is based on the acronym PROACTIVE as a formula to boost workplace attitude.

* Positive Thinking * Results * Overcome fear * Attitude * Confidence * Talking * Interactions * Victorious * Enthusiasm

Boost your Workplace Attitude and Create the 'Can Do' Attitude Two hours

This workshop analyses behaviour and provides solutions for improving workplace attitudes.

* Attitude analysis * Why people do not achieve * Attributes of positive and negative attitude * Reasons for goals and achieving * Attributes of workplace attitude * Workplace expectations * Positive goals

Advance your Sales Success Attitude Three hours

This workshop looks at:

* Attitude * Embracing the change process * Coping with the constant changes and new products * Upskilling and embracing technology * The repeated process of the sales cycle * The common thread of relationship marketing and compound interest * Pulling in those new customers * Understanding your customer * Tips to create win/win relationships * Boosting your communication skills * Sharpening your saw - Health, stress and time management * The advantages of stepping outside your comfort zone * 9 Steps to creating your PROACTIVE attitude

Key benefits These workshop cover a wide variety of topics related to attitude. These presentations review negative and positive traits thinking and work place behaviours. The exercises in these workshops can be transferred to weekly meetings and integrated in the workplace to motivate and change attitude and employees behaviour which ultimately affect individuals productivity.

'Janice's seminar focused on four areas of Attitude, Customers, Sales and Life/Work Balances. The seminar was an interactive presentation which had participants collecting new ideas with the aim of taking them back to their individual franchises and their teams. Janice did a great job.' - Kitchen Studio Franchise

These three workshops can be combined into a one day workshop. The workshops are interactive, cater for all personalities and uses accelerated learning techniques. Additional time is spent on discussion, in depth solution seeking and planning in the full day workshop. A data show and learning guide accompanies these workshops. A certificate can be issued for participants who can also enroll for a weekly motivational quote and contact me with questions after the workshop.

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