Confused About Career Change

Dr. Purushothaman
December 3, 2013

Satisfaction in a job is extremely important as you should enjoy doing what you are doing. Job satisfaction is, in fact, imperative these days as over a period of time jobs tend to become unexciting and monotonous. If your job is not challenging enough for you and you are planning to change your field of expertise, just be wary of it.

Change in career has to be a very well thought out decision. Be very sure that it is not an impulsive streak that wants you to switch your career. There can be no scope of any error in this life changing decision. You may follow the steps below to ensure that you do not stumble while opting for a career change.

• Think carefully if you really need the change of career
Your current job may have become drab for you, making you look for something new. But changing your career is a big thing as it shrinks the value of all the years you have spent learning the current work. You must consider all the factors possible as this would need investment of both time and money. Avoid doing things in haste as you would never want to regret the decision later.

• Question yourself: Find solutions or more choices
List out what it is that you don’t like about your job. Is there no way of adjusting in the current job? Do you only need a small break off work or a completely new career? Does something really motivate you to your new career? Can you settle down well in the new avenue and go on for long time? This introspection would prove helpful in making the right choice of career.

• Evaluate your options: Be prudent
If your intellect still supports your decision of career change, try to assess the degree of your success in the chosen field. Your choice of career should depend on your bent of mind and interests. Also, it is important that the choice made goes well with your personality and skills to confirm fruition of objectives. Be prudent while making career changing decision.

• Skill assessment: List your strengths and weaknesses
To be doubly sure of the new career, you may take skill assessment tests offered by various consultancy firms or job sites or may even take services of career counselors. Such evaluation is instrumental in chalking out your strengths and weaknesses which will ultimately lead selection of the most suitable career for you.

• Career options: Keep what you like
There may be many choices available based on your skill set but you must discard all the options that are not interesting enough for you. You would not want to make a career change decision again anyway. Shortlist options that sound exciting and viable to you and can keep your interests alive for long.

• Speak to yourself: Be honest and elaborate
Have an honest talk with yourself and look out for the most credible options jotting them down simultaneously. You may get to come across some new appealing options or some other childhood likes. Conduct a detailed research on each profession and try to spot the jewel on the crown. Job profile, academic qualifications, salary packages, etc should be thoroughly checked too from a futuristic vision. Get a clear picture of what each occupation can offer.

• Choose the best: Research more
Delete the options that are either too demanding or lack what you want. For example, if a career choice asks for a lot of time and energy or has additional education requirements or offers low compensation, you may drop those choices completely. To make the final decision, try to gather first hand experiences of people already pursuing those roles in detail.

One of the best ways of searching for a new job is through internet job portals like, or as they are user specific.
The move in career cannot be erroneous as it can completely change your life and priorities. Be 100% sure before embarking on a new journey.

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