Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Still The Best Thing For Social Anxiety

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

What would you think if I told you that your anxiety wasn't the true problem, but the true problem you have is the way you hold onto, and battle with your social anxiety disorder. When we put great effort into trying to 'push away' our issues related to fear, that is the very moment it becomes chronic. When it comes to social anxiety many people tend to turn to one or more of the 4 'solutions' that we may be told will help our suffering, these solutions are:
1) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: In my personal experience I still believe CBT is the fastest way to see results when it comes to overcoming social anxiety. This is because of 2 reasons, #1) Because it gets to the root of the problem which is that our thoughts create our feelings and ultimately the way we behave, #2) It makes you do homework when you're not in delicate situations and this creates better understanding and confidence when faced with an uneasy situation.

2) Herbs, Vitamins and Other Natural Treatments: With the endless amount of things to take for your social anxiety out there to accommodate your road to recovery, in my experience nothing beats a good vitamin B complex to help your nervous system fight the symptoms of anxiety experienced due to prolonged sensitized nerves.

3) Drug Therapy: There is truly no way of knowing whether or not drug therapy will work for you. Popular ones such as Paxil and Zoloft have given sufferers relief from symptoms of anxiety, but in my experience working with people, solution #1 will always be the safer and more effective choice.

4) Doing Nothing: Many feel that their social anxiety disorder will go away if they just spend enough time doing nothing. Unfortunately I haven't seen a single case where this has worked. As we all know to accomplish anything in life you need something that drives you when you wake up in the morning. Similarly when you put in the effort to overcome pieces of your social anxiety. You begin putting yourself in those uncomfortable situations where you can challenge yourself, as well as use the techniques and knowledge that you learned as you begin chipping away and growing your confidence.

I can truly tell you that no person out there can save you from your fears, only you and your determination to not let social anxiety disorder run your life, can free you from the crippling fears you may be experiencing. The first step is always the scariest but also the most rewarding, the snowball effect one may feel after overcoming a fear related to their social anxiety will truly spread into other parts of their lives.

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