Changing Our Life Suddenly

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Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

It is common for everyman to have the feeling of getting stuck in life. Doing the same old routine jobs in life of course will make us feel bored in life. Most of us do not hear the inner ‘you’- the real you with dreams wild and ambitions high.
Have you ever thought of doing something which you have often dreamt of? Are you doing a job which makes you feel you are a dumb just because it is not your dream job? If these questions come to our mind often, then you are stuck in life, and you are making a compromise.

Let go yourself and set free your mind. Think differently and positively and practically so that you can make a decision to change your life.

It is not easy to change your life all in a jiffy. Patience and improvisation of your skills can help in this process. It will definitely take time. But as it is said, Patience and hard work are well paid.

Changing you…
Changing yourself can change your life and a change should always be for a positive cause.

  1. Sit for some time and think peacefully, thinking only about your dreams and aims in life. If you do not have any, then this is the time to think and dream of making a better change in you and our life.

  2. Jot down your main dreams in a piece of paper. Never limit your dream. You can dream bigger.

  3. The list of your dreams should be never ending so that your mind will know that there are 1000 possibilities of making yourself move on. Thus you will never get stuck in life.

  4. Take challenges in life. It can be seen that challenges often change our lives. A sudden challenge can bring a major impact on our lives.

  5. Accept that you need change in your life.

  6. List out all the things you want to change in your life.

  7. Do not limit yourself or never think that you will be made fun of.

  8. If you want to change, then you will have to work on it. Take short steps each day to achieve your goal.

  9. Begin each day with an energy that will help you to make necessary steps in the achievement of your goal.

  10. Never let other people tell you how to live your life. It is your life. So the decision should be yours. Be true to yourself.

  11. Be aware of what you are doing.

  12. Love yourself. If you love yourself, then you will find others loving you too.

  13. Always be positive in thoughts and in actions. Sweep off negativity and learn to live life in a positive manner.

  14. Never hesitate. Hesitation leads to confusion and a confused state of mind makes mistakes. Hesitation often leads to failure.

  15. Be proud of yourself. You are unique and there is nothing in you that make you unsuccessful. Work on your positive attitudes and you will soon find yourself successful in life.

  16. Smile and the world will smile back. Be pleasant. Pleasant people are always approached with friendly faces.

  17. Never give up in life. Failures are common. No one has ever succeeded without failing. Life is filled with failure and success. Once you fail, never give up. Be o strong and bold enough to work better for a better future and work hard to succeed.

  18. Throw out your past and boldly move towards future. Past experiences and past relationships are things that can hold you back. Never give your past a chance to hold you.

  19. Never think of other people while taking a new step in your life. If you want to be happy, believe in yourself and make a bold move forward.

  20. Even if you change your life, always be the ‘you’.

  21. If you want to solve a problem, be active and involve in changing your habits and thought process.

  22. If you want to achieve a big change, then it is better to cut it short into sub goals.

  23. Boast up your motivation whenever necessary.

  24. Working with an action plan can help in changing yourself. Never set outside this track. You just have to live it.

  25. Plan your actions for the major change. Always think about the final result and move on, even while facing stumbling blocks in your path.

  26. Revise your action plan if necessary. But it is necessary that you move on step by step. Never halt.

  27. In order to change a bad habit, what you have to understand is that however you change the grooves of that bad habit always remain. It needs a large amount of will power t throw away the bad habits in you.

  28. Always raise in you a ‘can do’ attitude. Understand that nothing is impossible. The harder a person works to maintain a positive interpretation, the more the person loves to appreciate his life.

  29. Always expect difficulties in life whenever we want to move forward and work for a goal. This can help us to face defeats successfully Understand that defeat is a part of life.

  30. When we are not able to change a particular situation, we must change ourself.  


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