Careers- How To Craft A Winning Strategy

Dr. Purushothaman
December 5, 2013


Did you know that people who enjoy successful careers have at one time of their career journey had to spend ample time coming up with strategies that steered them to where they are today? If you have just secured your first job, then the job of managing your career has just started and there is so much more waiting for you ahead. Career planning is not a task anyone would complete in one day as it involves continuous improvement based on experiences and knowledge gathered continuously.

Job search seems to be the most difficult part of any career path, but this is just a popular misconception among most people. Career planning and management is the most difficult process involved in getting most careers on the right footing and this is what most career persons get wrong. This is because managing a career involves various strategies ranging from crafting a vision and mission as well as objectives through which one is to steer his or her career path. For careers to be branded as successful, developing both long-term and short-term goals is mandatory. This in essence means that any career person ought to know what they want and develop a timeline on when exactly they want to achieve these objectives.

A new job may be an achievement of the short-term goal, but further professional growth and professional advancement will take a considerable period of time and require continuous monitoring. All professionals ought to know that careers involve an ongoing life cycle of job searching and taking on tasks that offer the opportunity for growth from one level to another.

As part of ensuring successful careers, need for growth and development in any particular field need to be identified by the particular professional and clear measures set to achieve the objectives outlined. The same should be done when identifying the skill gaps and other obstacles that might be a hindrance to full achievement of career success. Success will only be attained if the respective professionals take up both on-the-job training and school-based learning as a way of ensuring continuous improvement.

Therefore, enrolling for relevant courses to update one's skills and theoretical knowledge is the best way to ensure an easy ride while mounting the corporate ladder. You need to update your resume regularly so that it accurately reflects your academic as well as professional credentials. Observing the job market trends in job search techniques is vital in ensuring successful career advancement.

Career networking cannot be ignored as it provides an opportunity for building long-term relationships which are crucial in future career endeavors for any professional. Building a rich list of professional contacts is crucial especially when you want to move on from an unsatisfying job. Relying on professional career advice could provide you with important knowledge to make sound decisions especially when you are on the verge of quitting one job for another. Such decisive moments in people's careers call for sobriety and knowledge especially for professionals in the senior management levels.

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