Career Problems

Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Career selection is influenced by several factors, together with life context, personal aptitudes, and academic attainment. Whether or not college-bound or work-bound, meeting the challenge of this organic process milestone is crucial in students’ lives.
The qualitative study reported here explored factors that play key roles in rural high school seniors and young adults career selection method. The cultural and social context of family and community were found to be instrumental in however youth study careers and powerful within the selection method.

Extension methods that focus on folks and community to extend their involvement in youth career choice will promote sound career choices.Career development, for many individuals, could be a long method of participating in the work world through selecting among employment opportunities created obtainable to them.

Every individual enterprise the method is influenced by several factors, together with the context within which they live, their personal aptitudes, and academic attainment

A major turning purpose in adolescents' lives involves the career selection that they create whereas in high school. Frequently, it's viewed by family and community as a mere begin to work readiness; but, this call plays a serious role in establishing youth in an exceedingly career path that opens furthermore as closes opportunities. Given the variations within the social and economic context of college-bound versus work-bound adolescents

Career development is also a great part of the life. In career problems,it will also get problems. To avoid that a fine understanding about all kinds of problem solving is a necessary idea. One must solve all kinds of career problems before starting to build a nice career. Continuous development is a part of all success in career.

Lots of resources are available in the internet and other ways. One can get easy knowledge on these kinds of ideas and it will simply give maximum ideas to solve all kinds of career issues in life. Lots of books and magazines are also available in these topics.

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