Career Guidance

Dr. Purushothaman
December 3, 2013


There are many career options available these days. There are hot and exciting career options from students of all academic backgrounds. Career guidance plays an important role in this process. There are many good colleges offering courses that help you build your career.

There has been a severe lack of job opportunities even for the most educated people. Most of them either are sitting at home or are stuck up with the wrong jobs. One of the reasons for this might be that the individual is not trying in the field he or she ought to be. Career guidance comes in to picture now.

Career guidance:
• It is the help provided to students in order to choose the right career option for them, which also suits their area of interest.
• Many people have the potential and talent but are not successful as they are working in the wrong place.
• This hampers the growth of the individual and he or she is not able to give 100 percent to the work place.
• You remain confused regarding what to do with your problems and end up ruining your entire career.
• Anybody, your parents, relatives, cousins, neighbors etc can give career guidance.
• However, it is best to seek guidance from professionals like career counselors.
• They make you go through various tests and assess your personality type.
• Once they identify your personality and know your areas of interest, they provide you with some career options, which match the things, your interests and your potential.
• They also provide you with information regarding the careers in demand and the careers, which are growing tremendously.
• They also acquaint you with good colleges providing the courses you are interested in.
• Career guidance not only helps you choose a career but also promises a job place that satisfies your interests.

Career guidance is very important for an individual in order to grow successful. Many times, we end up taking wrong decisions because we do not know which road to take. It is best to take professional guidance that being stuck up with a job you dislike. There are many hot careers options available; you just need to grab the right one for you.

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