Career Guidance Institutes

Dr. Purushothaman
December 2, 2013


Today the youth has a large menu of career options. With a drastic change in the education system the perspective of people towards the career options have also changed. Creativity is giving stiff competition to the age old conventional professions. This major change in the whole structure of education has been a blessing for many students. Now, they have the right to exhibit their creativities in the form of lucrative jobs. However, due to the increase in number of career options, the confusion to choose a career has also increased. Many students fail to realize their potential and end up making a wrong career choice. Therefore, it is necessary to have the right guidance while choosing your career. Career guidance institutions serve this purpose of providing us with the right career option. They also give us a glimpse of the questions asked during the interview level and how we can answer them. These professional experts provide us with useful advice solely based on our personal interests.
Due to the growing career options, the work of career guidance institutes has increased. Many students choose a career option because their parents want them to, or simply because everybody else is opting for that career. However, we all know that we are different individuals and have different potentials. Our strengths lie in different areas and so do our weaknesses. For some, the wrong career choice is justified because they are simply not aware of their own capabilities. In such a scenario, one should not seek help from parents or relatives but rather resort to a professional advice. Career counsellors scrutinize the list of our career preferences and match them with our potential. They conduct many aptitude tests which helps us realize our capability. A list of career options is short-listed and the choice is left on us. It is our decision to choose our own career; they just show us the right path.
Career guidance institutes are made up with by a set up professionals in various career fields; they have experience, exposure and information on all the career options available and also a draft of their future progress. Apart from giving professional helps they also acquaint us with questions asked during various interview sessions. They practise they question and answers with us which makes us more confident while answering them.
Thus career guidance institutes have helped many confused students to make the right career choice. their questions and answers related to the interview session have proved beneficial to many students.

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