Career Fair Advantages

Dr. Purushothaman
December 3, 2013


Career fairs are scheduled events where the local employers provide info and answer questions concerning their organization to attempt to recruit some new employees. In case employers are there it means they have work openings, which should be filled.
In fact, there are 3 main kinds of career fairs:
1. A community job fair is often sponsored by a particular community and is free for different organizations to attend. You are capable to find about any sort of career covered there.
2. A campus-sponsored job fair is designed for college students that are preparing to graduate and step in the workforce. They are kept on-campus as well as they are typically sponsored by a college department.
3. A professional job fair is geared towards some professionals, such as environmental scientists and computer programmers. Though most of the employers are seeking people having experience it is a great idea to visit one of these.
Job expos and job fairs are often held where there is a big space accessible for employers. The common places for job fairs are hotels, college campuses, shopping malls and convention centers.
The advantages of visiting a career fair:
1. You are able to learn about some internship options.
2. Very convenient - Career fairs come to you in lieu of you attending them.
3. You are capable to practice good body language methods during the interview.
4. You may talk to various employer when you are there.
5. Career fairs are free.
6. They often offer packets with info on company and career profiles.

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