Career Counselor for MBA Studies

Dr. Purushothaman
December 5, 2013


Career counsellors guide students to choose the right path to shape up their career. These days, many management aspirants, who are join MBA courses attend the counselling of many career specialists. Top B- schools in India have enabled provisions for students to meet with their counsellors. This step is really praiseworthy and inspiring.

Who are career counsellors?

Before starting the discussion, readers must have a clear notion about who are career counsellors. These professionals are usually appointed by institutions, so that they can interact with their students and can understand about what are their career goals and aspirations. In fact, this interaction process starts from the time of admission till the students are reaching the level of attending the campus interviews. These professionals are specialised in student psychology and career. There are various career counselling courses framed these days. These experts are calm and play a part of a psychiatrist and a guardian of students at a time. It is their duty to let them know about the pros and cons about their career plans. These experts carry a pleasant personality with a positive and convincing approach.

Why this counselling is necessary?

Career counsellors with their positive and friendly approach help students to guide throughout their career building stage. Particularly, students attending professional courses like MBA, engineering, medical often seek the guidance of career counselors from the time of their admission until they are leaving the campus to start a new life with a new career and new dreams.

Duties of a career counsellor are:

Counselors of career try to help professionals to balance between the personal life and professional life. Those who are working in corporate sectors, hospitals, or in business often find it difficult the bridge the gap between families. This is the high time when a counsellor can guide them to find the right path.

When a candidate is about to enter a B-School, it is the duty of a good career counsellor to help him/her. They should let them know about the education, work environment and industrial know how. These professionals guide careerists to find solace and contentment in their respected careers.

These counsellors pours light inside the people and let them focus on what they actually want from life and career. This understanding is important. This is necessary for every careerist; otherwise in the long run of their career and life they light feel lost. Usually, MBA students reach the zenith of career success and this is the reason why counsellors want them to balance with all the profits and losses of career. Counselors help professionals to understand their vision and mission in their job or the profession they are in.

This is the reason why most of the career counsellors are hired by the top MBA schools to let their students find the right path. This might help them to grow up and being successful in their respective lives. Here lies the importance of counselling for those who are about to enter MBA courses in top B schools.

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