Career Clusters - A Pathway to Plan Your Destiny

Dr. Purushothaman
December 2, 2013


Career cluster is the perfect place to choose your career in which you are interested. The career cluster has all the options based on the industry. A student can choose the right career which in return helps him to have a well studied knowledge in the subject matter. This in turn helps the student to design his / her career path successfully. A well planned career path using the career cluster will help in achieving proper grades required for the career chosen. This gives the student enough of confidence and interest in the studies. When a student is interested in a particular career and studies for the chosen field of interest he / she will get mental satisfaction and works hard for achieving his / her dreams. The different options available in the career cluster help the student to get accustomed to the area of his / her choice. The career cluster can make the transition to work in a smooth and comfortable way to the students who have taken the advantage of it.

Planning about the future is a herculean task, but selecting the appropriate path by utilizing cluster makes it more easy and interesting. This can mould the student for a better career option when he / she is out of the school. This will help the student to be more aggressive in the career. Since he / she has chosen the career with the help of career cluster at the right time and the made the right choice, which can help him / her to have a satisfaction over the career. The decision is chosen after a comprehensive thinking and taking into consideration all about the talent and ability of the student. Since the student has utilized his / her own discretion in selecting the career which suits him / her and also interested in, he / she can give an honest effort in his / her career which in return gives him / her utmost job satisfaction. This will help the company to have a smooth and cordial employer / employee relationship which ultimately helps the company to go ahead with new challenges which will in turn ensure a handsome profit and a very good turn over year after year.

Career cluster can help the student a lot in his / her early ages to develop his / her creativity in the selected field. The career cluster can be considered as a guide to the future. This can help the student to see that he has shaped his / her career as per his / her interest and talent, rather than choosing a career path which is suggested and implemented by the parents and well wishers without taking into consideration the interest and talent of the student. Hence this career will make the student more satisfied and interesting and ensure a very good performance in his / her assigned tasks. Proper guidance in the early ages of the student can create a high self-confidence, which ensures a bright and enjoyable career life. It is very much required to groom the student for his / her future as per the interest and talent of the student and career cluster is the right path to successful future.

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