Career Choice of Today

Dr. Purushothaman
December 3, 2013


Insurance, Gemology and Acting are all different fields which are not connected to each other in any way. However, one similarity that all these career options share is their growing importance in today's time. They are all fields which have increased their business not merely in India but throughout the world. Another similarity in these career options is the skill to communicate well and socialize.
Career in Insurance:
Due to private participation, the Indian Insurance Industry has gained immense popularity and has become one of the most sought after careers.
The concept of getting insured has become much prevalent in India. This has increased the demand of insurance agents in India, who can guide the people into getting the right insurance and also has a sound knowledge of the banking rules and regulations.
An insurance agent can get into various branches of the insurance industry like underwriting, marketing and distribution, operations or investments.
A large variety of institutes offer a full fledged course in this field.
Career in Gemology:
In a country like India, Jewellery and gems represent wealth and status. They are also considered to have a great influence on our lives.
In such a scenario, there is a huge demand of gemologists who can cut, design and produce beautiful Jewellery from gemstones and also study the nature of such gems which can enhance our ways of living.
In order to be a good gemologist, one requires a good and keen sight, creativity and imagination to produce designs, knowledge of traditional designs and also good communication skills.
A career in gemology has a large variety of career options like designing, manufacturing of gemstones; you can get into research work, or become a personal value of gemstones.
Career in Acting:
To be an actor is every child's dream. The exposure you get is hard to resist. This career is always flourishing and is the buzz word for the youth today.
With lot of acting schools opening up, a professional touch has been added to acting, which was earlier considered unprofessional.
A career in acting opens many gates for you. You can become a television star, or do advertisements, get into movies, do theatre, etc.
You need to have an attractive personality with fluency in Hindi and English. Excellent communication skills are a pre-requisite to get into this industry.

You do not have to confine yourself to the stereotypical professions anymore. The market is full of budding opportunities and fields like gemology, acting and insurance give you the right opportunity to make yourself a flourishing career. They have grown recently but give tough competition to the already existing career options.

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