Career and Horoscope: Know More About Them

Dr. Purushothaman
December 3, 2013


Career is something that concerns everyone. There was this poem by Rabindranath Tagore titled Vocation. A child's mind is wonderfully described in this poem in which he narrates how a child thinks about taking up a job after growing up. There should be a proper set of guidelines which will help a child to choose the right educational stream and then later on a professional stream. It should be such that the child maximizes his potential in the field.

Astrology-The top tool for career Guidelines

Astrology seems to be the top tool that guides someone when they find themselves in some trouble. The birth chart has a tenth house which is supposed to govern our career. This house gives importance and identity to a person in culture. The uttara kalamrita relates to some of the significances of tenth house like honor, work, service, commerce, hidden treasure, wrestling, mantras, agriculture and fame. Authority, prosperity, right path, religious merits, good living, influence and a mind that controls the body are some other virtues.

Influence of planets on Career

Career Horoscope is influenced by the motion of Sun, Saturn, mercury and Jupiter are the planets keeping the tenth house. Opting for a good career is judged by the collective effort done in each area of life. Good academic skills will lead to a better career. The fourth house governs education done in school. The fifth house governs the education gained after schooling; let it be any workplace or any institution. The fourth and fifth houses when in good condition strengthen the tenth house.

The mental inclination of an individual is shown by the third house. It gives you information about the great undertakings, courage and profits of a person. The persons enthusiasm towards life in general, the third house being empty shows signs of inability in that person.

Ninth house governs the fortune and luck. It also tells about the boss of an individual. Good relations between these houses point towards good career. Sixth house is the luck in Career Horoscope. Eleventh house indicates the gains whereas good business partnerships and overseas travel is governed by the seventh house. A persons life in jails, foreign countries and hospitals is governed by the twelfth house. The Career Horoscope of an individual is not only governed by the tenth house, the total chart is taken into consideration. When you analyze the whole chart every planet, sign and star come into picture in building the career. The planet which will influence career the most is the most powerful. Planets are further divided into two classes, technical and non-technical planets. Technical planets are mars, ketu, sun, rahu and Saturn. These decide your inclination towards technical torrent. Non-technical planets incline you towards anything other than machines and mechanics. The planets that come under this class are Venus, moon, Jupiter and mercury.
Sometimes we choose a stream which is a mixture of both. In this case, there is a good mix of both planet types.

It is stressed that do not jump into conclusions based on a single planet. Whatever goes on in the chart, your good luck should be strong however for a smooth ride. Your karma also plays an important role in the big picture.

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