Can A Worker Claim Compensation For Stress?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014

All types of work can result to stress on the part of the worker. However, the gravity of stress can be lesser or greater depending on the type of work the worker is doing.
There are jobs that are stressful either physically or mentally or even both. Office workers who have to face deadlines everyday are prone to being mentally stressed at all times. Blue-collar workers are however subjected to physical stress everyday because of the nature of their jobs.

Some workers admit they are stressed out by their work but consider this part and parcel of being workers. Most workers consider stress a part of the work for which they are being paid. However, little do workers know that although stress is a part of work, their employees have the legal duty to make sure that they provide a work place environment that is less stressful to the workers.
Emotional and physical stress at work can lead to more serious health conditions that can cause injury to the worker and can threaten his earning capacity. Because of this, the law mandates all employers to create stress-free work environment to alleviate the health problems that may be experienced by their workers as a result of stress while working.
Data show that stress caused by work comes second among the occupational health conditions being reported worldwide. However, works tress can be prevented and can be managed depending on the willingness of the employers to create a less stressful work environment for their workers. The sad thing is that most employers have remained uncooperative and they continue to ignore the increasing cases of workers succumbing to work stress.
Most companies readily provide compensation for worker stress compensation claims but they rarely address the root cause of the problem. Because of this, worker stress compensation claims have been continuously on the rise. There is a perceived laxity in the implementation of worker stress laws. While the authorities compel employers to provide compensation for worker stress compensation claims, the focus should however be on the provision of a work environment that is less stressful for workers.
Among the issues resulting to worker stress are harassment in the workplace either by co-workers or supervisors, possibility of violence among the workers, unreasonable work hours and machines that continuously provide hazard to workers.
The existing laws on employment provide mechanisms for the granting of compensation to workers that experience work stress. Workers who experience work stress resulting to physical or emotional sickness should seek experienced solicitors so they would be able to get the proper advice on how to file the worker stress compensation claim. There are documents that should be presented when filing the worker stress compensation claim and a solicitor can even help the worker look for and prepare such documents.
Workers should be vigilant about their right to claim compensation when they experience stress in the work place. If there is a union then the workers should make sure they demand for a less stressful work environment. If this is not possible, the union should ask the employers to provide them with the best compensation

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