Building Healthly Self Esteem In Our Children

Dr. Purushothaman
September 30, 2013

Developing Positive Self Esteem In Our Children

We hear from all the experts how key a strong self esteem in childhood really is, and there are defiantly A lot of prevailing opinions about the ways to achieve it. all its a significant part of parenting, and parents play an essential part in helping to cultivate a strong self esteem in their children. In large part, self esteem is learned, and a lot of that learning will happen in the home while in childhood.

Conflicting with what people might believe, a healthy self esteem shouldn't make a child pretentious or self centered. Children who have been taught to cultivate their self worth in the right way are not going to be egotistic or spoiled as a result. A healthy self esteem generates self confidence, self love and appreciation that is appropriate to becoming the basis for a child to move toward improvement and development as adults.

There is no absolute in their children, we all know that. No child is precisely the same as another, and they react to things in different ways. Understanding that, low self worth in your children may lead to them having difficulty making friends, frequently put those around them down, become easily discouraged and moody, and potentially show signs that they have poor problem solving skills.

your children with a low self esteem could lack the self assurance to attempt new things and commonly become stuck believing they can't seek new opportunities, make improvements, or go forward.

It's extremely important to understand that children are not going to feel good about themselves all the time or have a high self worth in each situation or circumstance. Simply as a result of human nature, young children can feel confident and accepted one moment, and it could totally change the next. Kids just won't all of a sudden have a healthy self esteem, and as parents, it's key that we constantly use the resources and tools available as a means to build and foster it.

The part that parents have in reinforcing their children's self worth and esteem can be successful basically by doing quite straight forward things. Things like appreciating them and what they do, respecting who they are, and listening to them and taking what they have to say seriously.

Provide your children the chance to make choices. By allowing kids to have the chance to make choices when they are young, parents can prepare young kids for the more difficult decisions they must make as they get older. Having discussions about choices and their effects can help children to cultivate a strong self esteem about their ability to make smart choices.

Allow your children real responsibilities. Provide opportunities for them to be in charge of something--even if it's simply making their bed every morning. The knowledge that they're being depended upon, and that they can truly contribute to the home, can help to foster a self worth in a favorable direction.

Spend good, high quality one on one time with all of your kids. Be certain that attention given them at that time is undivided, but keep in mind that it does not always need to be something fancy or even planned. Whether it's playing catch or reading a book together, that time can help to build a healthy self esteem.

There are several tools that are available to help you to show your children how amazing it is to be them. There are phenomenal self-esteem games such as Reach For The Stars, with healthy and well-thought-out activities that will reinforce that message in a fun and inviting way

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