Build Your Life On Purpose

Dr. Purushothaman
November 27, 2013


I read a story, years ago, about a man who seemingly had it all. He was successful, influential, wealthy, and admired by many. It shocked me greatly to hear that he tried to end his life early, until I discovered the reason he had decided to do so!
For many years he had lived his life to please his parents, teachers, co-workers, associates, clients, etc. He had an image of what he thought was the ultimate status in life; he followed that picture fully! Though a gnawing sense of emptiness had plagued his heart, for years, he had submerged it under his vision to become a success in the eyes of others!
Never wait till emptiness consumes you to ask yourself the question, is my life on track with my true purpose?There is one human we must satisfy with our life's direction, that is us! Success is relative to our pursuit of purpose!
I have a number of mentors who have encouraged me greatly over the years. The one common denominator that consistently stirs me forward is their passionate pursuit of purpose. Nothing else in life can satisfy the longing for destiny in the human heart!
A life that is built on purpose is dramatically different, in the end, than one propped up by a desire to please others. The book of Proverbs describes a desire to please others as a dangerous trap (Proverbs 29:25). It then declares that those who put their trust in God will be safe! The only way to live a satisfying and successful life is to fully trust in God for direction (Proverbs 3:5-6). Relying on our limited understanding may lead us astray!
4 foundations to build your life on purpose
cBy building on the following foundations we ensure a satisfying and successful life, right to the very end!
1. Discover your true purpose
There are two distinctive aspects about true purpose that make it unique. First, it can only be discovered from within; this is due to the second aspect. Second, it was preprogramed and placed within us by our creator!
To discover the inner triggers to our purpose we must ask the following questions: What makes me sad? What makes me mad? What makes me glad? What would I love to work at for free? What tasks do I find easy to accomplish? What thoughts inspire energy and passion in me? What dreams inspired me as a child? What do I daydream about? Is there a hobby that I feel especially drawn to? What thoughts consistently reoccur during my personal prayer and devotional times? Etc...
By asking questions, like these, we begin to get a picture of our ultimate purpose. The more specific the questions, the clearer the picture becomes! Note, this process must not be glossed over or rushed, and it must certainly not be persuaded by a desire to please others! The pursuit of anything other than our true purpose will result in regret.
2. Make an action plan
The next foundation is to begin actively pursuing our purpose by implementing a simple, daily action plan. Begin with the following question: How can I start today? Make a list of ten things you could do right now to begin the process even if they are just small steps (gaining new information, asking questions of others, visit a specific company, or read a book on a specific topic). As we begin on the right path, other action steps will emerge! Document these and plan to do them! Don't allow procrastination to hinder your journey.
3. Pursue mentors
We follow those who are going where we want to go ourselves! It may not necessarily be a similar vocation but it is essential that they are purpose driven! If we follow people who are inspired by their life's passion and purpose, it will soon be apparent to us, and them, if we become motivated by something other than our true purpose!
4. Remember the one who gave you the purpose
A life inspired by God shall remain on course with the purpose that was deposited within! That is why it is necessary for all of us to discover and pursue a real, living relationship with our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! Only He has the instructions to complete the journey! Develop a consistent, daily schedule of prayer and bible reading to refresh your perspective! His instructions will involve us in something that is bigger than ourselves, leading to significance, success and joy!
Discovering and pursuing a life on purpose is a choice that will protect us from regrets later on. We truly can be inspired towards a significant destiny!

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