Break a Bad habit in 4 Easy Steps!

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


Many of us suffer from what others refer to as "bad habits". But, essentially what actually is a habit? Can we replace or substitute a bad habit for a productive or supportive habit? Habits are not actually that difficult to change.
When we break it down a habit is the intersection of 3 elements.
- Knowledge
- Skill
- Desire
Here are the 4 easy Steps to to break that bad habit.
Step 1
Identify the bad habit. Perhaps like me you find it challenging to get up quickly in the morning, I used to over sleep and would repeatedly press the snooze button on my bedside alarm clock. My habit was oversleeping and ignoring the alarm clock! To start out identify a habit that is fairly simple to tackle.
Step 2
Investigate why you allow the habit to seemingly have control over you. In my example I needed to identify why I was so slow and sluggish in the morning. eating too late at night and not having an effective rest. Working at a computer late at night up until bedtime. Essentially identify the factors contributing to this bad habit.
Knowledge is theoretical paradigm, the what to do and the why. Skill is the how to do it. Fused with motivation towards a certain desire.
Step 3
How to re-adjust your bad habit settings. In the example I have given so far I realized I needed to re set my body clock by going to bed at the same time each night, combined with moving the alarm clock to the other side of the room. Instead of on the bedside table. How to, is really the practical Steps you must take to set yourself up for success. It is often subtle adjustments to your behavior patterns, that will result in the best outcome.
Step 4
Ask yourself the question what is my motivation? You must ignite the flame and spark a desire. So you are inspired to make the effort to change. I discovered that playing my favorite dance track first thing in the morning was a great motivation for me to leap out of bed.( the new ipod clock radio is rather helpful)
Any motivating force that you are passionate about is a great place to begin.
Creating a lasting habit requires you to work in all three dimensions.
Knowledge - What to do.
Skill - How to do it, the practical implementation
Desire - Creating the "want" to do it.
Choose just one habit you feel is limiting your potential and be pro-active for 30 days. Consistently and daily taking Steps to break or dissolve that one limiting habit! After 30 days review your progress. If you have worked in all 3 dimensions, 30 days will be long enough to have substituted the previous habit with an improved life pattern.

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