Brain Entrainment

Dr. Purushothaman
August 2, 2014

Brain Entrainment or Brainwave Synchronization is a way of training your brain muscle. Just like we train our body with physical exercises, we could train our brains with specially created audio sounds.

Brain cells are called neurons and communicate with each other through electrical impulses. These electrical impulses have a wave length which is commonly referred to as Brainwaves. Brainwaves could be measured by an EEG monitor and is quoted in Hertz.

There are four basic types of brain waves.

1/ Beta Brainwaves- is measured between 14-20Hz and associated with normal waking consciousness. This is where we spend most of our day. Beta brainwaves are available when we are focused on outside activity.

2/ Alpha Brainwaves- is measured between 8-13Hz and associated with light meditation, a focused but relaxed state of mind. They are abundant when you are in a reverie or when you day dream. This state is conducive for intense levels of concentration. Alpha Brainwave Entrainment is ideal for super learning states.

3/ Theta Brainwaves- is measured between 4-7Hz and associated with deep meditative states or dreaming sleep stages. This is a great stress reliever. In this state the body releases endorphins, which helps to relax and melt away stress and anxiety.

4/ Delta Brainwaves- is measured below 3Hz and associated with deep dreamless sleep and very deep states of meditation.

The lower we could keep our brainwaves, the better it will be for our health and happiness. All our emotions and states of being are always related to our brainwave activity at that particular moment.

Meditation is a tool that is being commonly used to lower our brainwaves and get in to a relaxed comfortable state of mind and body. As you know meditation has been proved to have immense benefits to our health and happiness. But did you know that Brain Entrainment or Brainwave Synchronization could be used instead of meditation and much more effectively for that matter? Alpha Brainwave Entrainment or any other Brain wave Training could be used to achieve this end.

So if we could artificially induce specially crafted sounds from outside, our brainwaves start to synchronize to these sounds and lower their frequencies according to the induced sounds. This is the basics of Brain Entrainment or Brainwave Synchronization.

Brainwave Entrainment has untold benefits, than health wise. It could be used to clear limiting beliefs, get rid of stress and anxiety, it makes you calm and relaxed, it could help to attract wealth and abundance and so forth. It could be used to reduce the time we take to meditate in half. For example just listening to a Brain Entrainment or Brainwave Synchronization CD for 30 minutes a day is more than enough to compensate for meditating for 2-3 hours a day.

Brain wave training is equivalent to deep meditation which is not easy to achieve just by meditating for 2-3 hours a day.
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Sudath Wijesooriya is a Researcher of Cutting Edge Brainwave Entrainment Techniques and Subconscious Mind Power for More Than 20 Years. He is having Expert Knowledge on How to Heal "Inner Child" issues and How to Use the Law of Attraction Correctly to Attract Whatever You Desire in Your Life.

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