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Dr. Purushothaman
August 4, 2014

Some of them are really easy notice such as: maintained eye contact, smiling, and playing with her hair. Girls will also turn their bodies towards you when you are talking, sometimes creating a sense of "isolation" within the group. When a girl is trying to get your attention or for you to notice her, that is also a pretty good indication that she is interested. If a girl is unintentionally showing you the insides of her wrists and hands then that is also a pretty good indication that she is attracted to you.

Body language (also known as Non Verbal Communication) changes for both men and women in the presence of the opposite sex. A guy may straighten up his body as well as hold the best posture rather than slouching while he's in the company of a woman. He's going to make sure that he communicates a confident, confident and dominating disposition by pulling in his abdomen, broadening his chest out to make it appear big.

In instances of a man becoming interested in a girl, he draws near her through focusing on gestures that will display his masculinity and more of a macho man impression. His gestures may include styling his hair, wearing eye-catching outfits and frequently by thrusting his chin forward.

Alternatively, a woman's attractive body language is normally displayed through signals and symbols that may inform the man of her sentiments. Frequently women tend to mix signals both consciously or unconsciously when projecting their particular feelings which consequently would look devious to the other person. That results in misunderstandings and leads the man to avoid instead of approach her.

An attractive body language that's widely used by women is flicking her hair. This does not only apply to girls with long hair but also surprisingly to women with short hair. If a person happens to find someone that they're keen on, the only factor that may stop them is the lack of self-confidence to approach the other person. Occasionally you would see people touching items, lean against something, using their body as if they are confident in how they project themselves.

Be sure to use up lots of space which will easily create an attractive body language. While sitting do not cramp up or keep your legs and arms together. Guys frequently spread themselves even when they may be using somebody else's personal space. However do not do this in a confrontational way but in a more relaxed way. Speak in a more confident and relaxed manner. The most attractive body language is when a person is calm and confident, others will certainly feel much more comfortable hanging around them.

OK, so how do you think you would look after having body language explained? Lots of people think that a smile means a lot in seduction, business, family life, etc. And guess what? They are right. And to be able to control your smile means knowing when and how to use it. To know how to smile with love when your mother's has cooked you pancakes or whatever your favorite food is, or to smile with lust as you lick your fingers after you've eaten those pancakes, or to smile ironically, sarcastically, the whole range of smiles.

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