Benefits of Saying “Yes” to Life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 31, 2021

Most of us try to reject what we have experienced in life. Normally we do not want to remember a particular experience that causes discomfort or even uncertainty in us due to the fact that it makes us think that we are not reaching our goal or that we have chosen the wrong path. In short, we tend to reject our experience.

We tend to reject our experience due to some of the reasons like:

  • Not able to like what people around behave.
  • Messing up makes us mad at ourselves. This makes us blame why we are always doing it the wrong way.
  • Keeping ourselves from doing certain things fearing that we might mess it up like before.
  • Shunning ourselves from the happenings around us and distracting our minds from the outer world.
  • Too many complaints about other people in our minds.
  • Escaping from any situation or keeping out from a particular situation when things go bad or hard.
  • Keeping ourselves only to the comfort zone and avoiding anything that creates discomfort or is hard for us to do.

We often get frustrated with our own experience with others and look down on ourselves. This also makes us avoid doing hard things in life or enter into a new or difficult situation in life. This is the main reason why we find it difficult to turn towards some of the good habits in life such as taking healthy food, meditating, exercising, writing, reading and more. We jump into the conclusion that they are not easy and hence we say a big NO to them. But in our minds, we know that we need to say yes to such good habits.

This is one of the reasons why most of us turn towards junk food, smoking, drugs, alcohol, social media and other such distractions.

Just think if we just say YES to all the good habits that should be followed in our lives?

Saying Yes, Line up all the things that we complain about. Each and everything in life that makes you complain or despise. Think about those things that make us uncomfortable, those things that we want to avoid or exit, those that make us feel negative or angry.

Think of the fact that we can be open to all of these things that we despise or avoid in life.

Reach out to those whom we normally hate. Try to be more compassionate and loving towards them. We need to look into their inner beauty and strength. All you need to do is simply love them as they are.

Just imagine that you will be able to say yes to anything and everything in life if we just are more open-minded and have a broader perspective of life. This simply does not mean that you need to be the voice for the suffering and hated ones or those who face injustice in life. All you need to do is to be more compassionate towards everyone and understand them even if you do not perfectly agree with their ideas or actions.

When we try to say Yes to the most difficult situations in life, or the hardest duties in our life, we can face anything or everything in life. Most important of all is that we are able to see the beauty of the particular moment we are present at, even if we are being rejected or disliked by others.

Love the faults in you that you want to rectify, to be able to love everything else in life. Say YES to the NO’s and see the change that brings more positivity to you. Finally, let us make it a point to be positive in all situations in our life and try to manage with optimism so that our life will become successful and we will achieve everything in life. Make it a habit to say yes to any challenging situation that we encounter in our daily life


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