Becoming Successful In Life

Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

What is success and how can success make you happy and self-satisfied? Getting what you wanted in life can be termed as success. Success makes you feel victorious when you get up in the morning. Success can give a feeling of self-confidence and pride in you while talking or even walking alone.

Is it easy to become successful in life?
Most of us say we have dreams and aspirations in our minds.
What are these dreams and aspirations?
Any man who has attained his dreams or goals in life are looked upon as successful people.

But how do we become successful?

It is easy for us to dream and wish for becoming successful. But to become successful, we need to be practical enough to practice certain steps in life. We have to work for success, prepare ourselves by developing our skills and put in the right action when the time comes.

One cannot sit idle and make wild plans on becoming successful. You have to make preparations. Your mind must be willing to do the plans you have made. Execution of plans at the right time can result in success.
It can be seen that the majority of the mass, once failed, never even think of trying again, as they have lost their hope and since their self has been wounded, they simply put in the decision to give up their chase for success in life.
Being successful…

Inside every person, there is a power to go on. Only a person who dares to take a next step by fully trusting on himself/herself will be able to move ahead. Such people make use of the even smallest of small opportunity offered.

Never turn back. If you look back, you will only find yourself scared and trying to turn back. Even through the toughest situations of life, you will be able to pass successfully if you just keep on moving forward.

Believe in yourself. Before taking any step, you simply trust yourself. If you do not believe in you then how will you be able to take risks?

Let go off the negative beliefs. Negative beliefs about yourself or any other ideas can result in creating a stumbling block towards you success. Many a times, we keep on thinking that we are not capable, or that success is not for us. These beliefs go straight into our brains and even if we have the right situations, we are not able to keep even a step forward. Believe in your potentials and not in assumptions.

You are in charge. If anything goes wrong, never put the blame on external factors. That is, if you did not perform well in the presentation and when you were not given the contract, never go on to blame that the clients were not co-operative or friendly, while you know very well that the fault was all yours. Be bold enough to put the blame on you if you know very well that it was your performance that resulted in failure. Believe that you are in control.

Be persistent. Mistakes and failures happen. It happens only to humans. When we fail once or twice, we tend to lose hope and stop trying. Success comes to those who move on and keep on trying even if they had failed many times. As the old saying, “Try, try and try until you win”, is applicable for each one of us.

Plan for yourself. Everyone has to have a definite goal or plan in life. If you do not plan for yourself, then you will become part of other people’s plan. The result is you can end up as a spectator watching others succeed.

Be flexible. Shift on to the next plan if one fails. Change your methods of execution when you feel that your ways are not up to the mark. Success comes to those who adopt changes and learn to be more flexible.

Be confident. If you are too shy in giving out your ideas, then the point is that you lack confidence. By not being confident, you may let go the opportunities that come to your way. The fear of taking risks can lead to failure. If you want to be successful, then build up the amount of confidence in you.

Get rid of the fear factor and move on. Fear can prevent you from trying. You may know that you have all the potentials to do something. But when fear eats you up, you give up. So just forget about your fear and work well.

Understand the fact that your way to success is filled with disappointment, hard work, rejection and pain and all those things that will discourage you. So never give up, for you will find success after all those hardships.


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